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zo balcukta cu lojbo cmene le selsku ciste poi glico se cmene zoi .gy. World Wide Web .gy. .i se jicmu la .internet. no'u va'i le tedykemsamxelbe'i (to terdi ke skami xe benji toi) .oiro'e clani dukse

.i ju'ocu'i ba terdi po'o

ni'o pe'i la balcukta cu ralju lo'i cukta i ja'ebo ki'u ma na se cmene zo ralcukta

ienaicai .i zo'o za'e zo balcukta cu malylojbo mi'e tinkit

"zo balcukta cu lojbo cmene ..."

Since when is a brivla a cmene? --mi'e la .djorden.

lu la broda cu brode li'u drani

  • ru'a drani leka gerna .enai leka smuni

Independently of its fitness or unfitness for meaning "world-wide web," I think balcukta makes an excellent lujvo for the colloquial sense of "Bible." Like in "This book is the Prolog bible" or "Yeah, I refer to The Art of Computer Programming whenever I have a personal crisis. It's my bible." I suppose it might have a place structure like "x1 is the "bible" used by x2 for subject x3..." (though I bet that isn't very dikyjvo.) --mi'e .mark.