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zi'o cmene mi

Which of course leads to the real xavoki'o rupnu question: just how does zi'o differ from noda? I'd say "noda" would really be better for this (or, as one Lojbanana already does, cmeclaxu). Well, technically "noda" isn't right either, since I do have a name, I'm just not giving it. But even if we're considering it to be truly nameless, that's still noda: there is no thing that is my name. zi'o cmene mi means "there's a naming sort of relationship between me and some unspecified namer (the elided zo'e), but the actual quoted name doesn't enter into it." That's not necessarily a meaningless statement, but it isn't what I think of when I hear "Anonymous." (it could be something quite profound, depending on the situation and what that namer is). Unfortunately, it's very easy to think that zi'o is just a cool/profound/1337 way to say noda, and it isn't. --mi'e .mark.

John Cowan think the normal predicate "anonymous" is nalgubni selcme.

How about simply nardjuno cmene or nordjuno cmene? {cein}

Or, if you want the Odysseus effect, nonynanmu.

  • But that's part of him tricking the cyclops into announcing "Nobody has blinded me" and thus not being helped by his companions - who believe that he wasn't blinded by anybody.