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I currently have internet "homes" at umblr, witter, and quidoo, among other places. These pages of mine are considered "active" at the time of this writing (2011-09-06).

Note: much of this is out of date. I need to update this. For example, that blog link is old and needs to be updated. I haven't written to that one in a long time and have a newer one now.

I have a shiny new log!

Watch out for the Fnords!

.i ko catlu la .fnord. .o'isai

.i mi'e la poi jitro be lo jdaca'i ku'o .skaryzgik. poi raibalralju selsi'afanva

.i mi se lijda be le kasyjda be'o jbobaupli gi'e djica lonu fanva la'o gy. Principia Discordia .gy lo jbobau lo glibau

It tends to be typical of Discordians (if it is possible for anything to be typical among Discordians) to choose a Holy Name. I wanted mine to be in Lojban to tie myself even more closely to the role I am attempting to take within Discordianism. It translates roughly to "Pope skaryzgik the Most Great Principal Esteemed Translator". "skaryzgik" is a name I've been using longer than I've known Discordianism. It roughly means "color-music" or something similar, and the story behind why I chose that is a long one involving two different book series I've read and the way I interact with books when I read them.

I have a few projects, some of which are more current than others. Any help on any of them is appreciated.

Also, I really like reading books by Piers Anthony. I haven't read one of his books that I didn't like. My favorite is Split Infinity. It would be nice if someday I could see his books translated. That could be tricky with the "Xanth" books, which are rather dependant on puns, but a lot of his other books should be manageable.

Hail Eris!

.i ko tcesi'a la .diskord.