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U is a Zen constructed language (conlang) created by the conlanger arseniiv in 2013.

The phonemic inventory of U consists solely of the phoneme /u/, which encompasses all possible realizations due to the absence of minimal pairs.

The lexicon of U comprises a single word u /u/, signifying various meanings such as it's pointless, it's nonsense, it's not necessary, it does not exist, or symbolically represented by . The repetition or absence of the word does not alter its meaning.

U utilizes phonetic writing, where any text can be interpreted as representing the phoneme /u/.

Distinguishing whether a text is written in U or not, or discerning if a spoken utterance is in U or not, is not feasible, hence prompting the rhetorical question: "Is it u, and is it not u?" Anyway, u.

Notable Characteristics

U appears to be the conlang with the most comprehensive description, encompassing its grammar, phonetics, usage, and semantics, in comparison to others.


zoi .zoi.

u u u u u
u u u u u u u
u u u u u 

.zoi. pemcrxaiku fi la ckiku