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This page forms a part of my resistance against the egocentrism of a Lojban community. On recognition of a language as Lojban, there is a customary double standard.

  1. Some languages derived from the official Lojban are currently advertized as "modern dialects of Lojban" , "Lojban" that includes "experimental" words , or even simply as "Lojban" .
  2. Some languages derived from the official Lojban are recognized as non-Lojban by some people .

Someone doing 1 and 2 are identical persons, and that seems to me a sign of egocentrism: only the derivations agreed on IRC are permitted to be called Lojban; the other derivations constructed on values different from those of IRC users are excluded from Lojban. Calling la altatufa non-Lojban is not at all an objection to my view of the egocentrism. The reason for their recognition of la altatufa (or any other experimental parsers) as non-Lojban is that it is their own experiment of grammar, while their recognition of la zantufa as non-Lojban is the exclusion from Lojban family of an unpleasant-to-them language that is actually used by a non-IRC person. Read more...