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Obsolete stuff or stuff to be updated

Dictionary format

  • Prepared for translation into other languages with English as the source of translation.


  • add kantu to explain it?

Obsolete classification of sumti types and subtypes

<tab class="wikitable sortable" head=top> tesumti type tesumti role Denotation in the dictionary Example corresponding particle of class NU located object (none; just x1, x2, ... without round brackets after it) lo dacti (none) located person (person) lo prenu (none) located observer (observer) lo zgana (none) located agent (agent) lo gasnu a lo zukte (none) located experiencer (experiencer) lo lifri (none) located medium (medium) (none) located tool (tool) lo tutci (none) located material (material) (none) located place (place) lo stuzi (none) located sound (sound) lo sance (none) located mass (mass) lo gunma (none) located set (set) lo se cmima, ko'a jo'u ko'e (none) located set of texts (set of texts) lo se vlamei (none) located ordered set of objects (ordered set) lo te lidne, ko'a ce'o ko'e (none) located group (group) lo se mlatu (none) located cmavo class (cmavo class) ma'oi le (none) located rafsi class (rafsi class) ra'oi gau (none) located event (event) lo donri nu located assertion (assertion) lo se jinvi du'u property property of x1 place (property) lo se mutce ka (ce'u refers to x1 of the outer verb) property property of x2 place (property of x2) lo te ckire ka (ce'u refers to x2 of the outer verb) property property of x3 place (property of x3) lo se fadni ka (ce'u refers to x3 of the outer verb) located amount (amount) (none) (none) located concept (concept) lo sidbo ce'u + makau located scale (concept) lo se gradu a lo ckilu ce'u + makau text text (text) lo se cusku lu …li'u, zo ..., sedu'u, lu'e (concept) text mekso (text) me'o abu me'o number number (number) li no (none) </tab>