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Posted by rlpowell on Fri 28 of Jan., 2005 19:52 GMT posts: 14214

Old discussion:

I think that the inner column margins should be either a bit wider or shifted a little towards the outside. When I fold up the A4 brochure, the left and right outside columns go right up to the fold; it would be better if there were at least a couple of millimeters between the fold and the text margin.

  • Less than double the width, double the width, or more than double the width?
    • What should be double the width of what?I think the margin would fit if it were roughly twice as wide, with the extra width coming from the outside (so changing "XXXXX|..XXX" to "XXX..|..XXX" on the left, where XXX is text, | is the fold, and .. is margin width; the right changed "XXX..|XXXXX" to "XXX..|..XXX"). The center of the margin, therefore, would have to move to where the outside edge is now. This way, you'd also have a little fudge space if someone doesn't manage to fold the paper exactly into thirds. It would also be acceptable IMO to increase the margin width by less than the previous amount as long as the center of the margin is shifted outward.(Was that comprehensible?)
      • No, I don't quite understand what you want. The margins around each panel are 0.1 inch. (So there is 0.2 inch between panels). The outer margins ought to stay the same. How much space should there be between panels? Are you wanting some of the panels to change widths, as well? I think that would just make things harder to fold, particularly since the fold line isn't marked or anything.
      • Yes, the left and right panel should become slightly narrower while the centre panel could become slightly wider (or stay the same)
        • Ok, I understand this...
      • The point being that when you fold it, there should still be a reasonable margin (say, 0.08" or so) even if you don't hit the correct fold line exactly.
        • ...but I don't get this. Because of the text I've got at the moment and blah blah mumble, changing around the column width would be a real PITA. I might get around to it, but I think the best I can do for the time being is a few little ticks town the middle of the inter-panel margins, to help line up the folds.

Should the apostrophe in "e'osai ko sarji la lojban" be straight? I think it would look better to me like that, rather than the 9-shaped "smart quote" that is currently on the brochure. See Lojban typography.

  • See whether a consensus develops on Lojban typography; there've been votes for a 9-shaped apostrophe since it's a letter in its own right in Lojban. (And the curly quote in ju'i lobypli didn't look that bad to me.) I'm not sure any more which looks better.
    • Its looking like I'll revert to the heavier apostrophe. --jay
      • Not with my version you don't!!!
        • Hah! Ok.

If you'd like to translate the brochure, send me the new text and I'll generate appropriate PDFs. (I'd get a particular kick out of Esperanto translations)

  • What about a Loglan translation? Think subversive...
    • Esperanto and Klingon would be subversive. Attacking Loglan is like kicking an old man in the face and stealing his favorite book or something. Let it die on its own.
        • no, i suppose not. more so than loglan, though.
    • .ui.u'i