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Posted by arj on Sat 12 of Feb., 2005 21:46 GMT posts: 953

On Sat, 12 Feb 2005, Robert LeChevalier wrote:

>> Based almost entirely on pacna. >> >> I don't know how to generate potential rafsi and evaluate them; I think >> this word is of high utility, though. Could someone else take a look at >> that issue? >> > No opinion at this point on the proposal. If a rafsi is desired, then that > should be factored into the gismu algorithm word selection. I don't know how > and when Arnt and Cowan generated words, but if the original program was > used, there would be a list of multiple candidates. What are the sources > from the 6 languages?

John implemented re-implemented the gismu scoring algorithm in Perl, from the description in the Red Book.

My part in this is that I re-ran his program and got a different result. It turned out that his script for generating candidate gismu forms didn't generate all possibilities, while my is vastly overgenerating — but that doesn't matter, so long as the winner has a legal form.

The sources from the 6 languages were: Chinese: uan Hindi: rakan English: ekspekt Spanish: esper Russian: predpologa Arabic: mulud (no effect on scoring)

> I'll try to run the program on it, and see what comes up (note that the > current weightings are slightly different from those of 1986, and running > with different weightings also gives different answers).

Please do. John used the most recent weighthings he could get, viz.: zh: 0.347 hi: 0.196 en: 0.160 es: 0.123 ru: 0.089 ar: 0.085

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