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09:49, 5 January 2015 Relativistic tense demo 1.png (file) 6 KB The maroon discs are all events (they are pointlike, but I made them seem larger- also, the variations in the size of the discs is just my fault and means nothing). The gold lines are signal. The vertical grey and black lines are observers who happen t... 1
09:47, 5 January 2015 jbo tenses 1.png (file) 11 KB A generic and largely unmarked representation of Lojban's tenses with the non-Relativistic (CLL standard) tenses (in green) overlying Relativistic ones. See also: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lojban/permalink/10152611805066705/ 1
09:41, 5 January 2015 jbo tenses 2.png (file) 11 KB See also: File:Relativistic tenses 1.png. According to lai krtisfranks, this is how Lojban currently does it (for a given inertial frame of reference). Note that any line parallel to the x' line (such as the gold one and, notably/particularly, the... 1
09:38, 5 January 2015 Relativistic tenses 1.png (file) 12 KB A diagram showing the partitions of spacetime. An observer has a reference frame that is depicted in black, with the time axis being vertical (upward on the screen being futureward) and one dimension of space being the horizontal axis (with the x direc... 1