Relativistic tense in Lojban

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There's been a proposal to have words expressing relativistic tenses that are different from usual past, current and future used in most historical natural languages.

How this 4th tense would work? Consider we are 3 light years away from a star that explodes. And in 3 years we see the explosion. So what? How do we use this 4th tense?

It would be a tag with a modifier ue'ei.

ue'ei = [MOhI] 4th relativistic tense modifier
ue'ei pu spoja
We have already seen the star explode, the light has reached us.
ue'ei ba spoja
The star hasn't exploded yet. We can still fly to the star with our near light speed spaceship and save the people near the star from the explosion.
ue'ei ca spoja
Neither is true, the star exploded, we can't save people but the explosion hasn't reached us yet either.