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Original: http://www.lojban.org/publications/wordlists/oldlog.txt

Correspondence between Lojban gismu and TLI/historical Loglan words

Copyright 1993, The Logical Language Group, Inc. (LLG)
2904 Beau Lane, Fairfax VA 22031-1303
[email protected]

Chronological Bibliography:

Loglan 4/5 Loglan/English English/Loglan Dictionary, by James Cooke
Brown, The Loglan Institute, Inc.  (TLI), 2nd edit.  (1975)

The Loglanist (TL) Volume 6, Number 1 (6/1), Special Issue on
Morphology, TLI, 1983

Complex-Making Algorithm, By James Cooke Brown and Bob LeChevalier,
1986, published by Bob LeChevalier for the Washington DC Loglan Special
Interest Group (SIG) (predecessor to LLG), in "me la uashintyn
loglytuan", #1, 1986

Raw Loglan Dictionary computer files, (1974-5), no copyright marking,
working version updated by Bob LeChevalier in 1985-6 to reflect known
changes to TLI published and working version word lists.

Bob LeChevalier's private notes and conversations with James Cooke Brown
and other Loglanists.

Notebook 3, by James Cooke Brown, TLI, (1987)

Loglan 1, by James Cooke Brown, TLI, 4th edit. (1989)

Appendix B from Loglan 1:  A Logical Language, by James
Cooke Brown, TLI, updated through Lognet 91/2

Baseleined Lojban gismu List, The Logical Language Group, Inc., latest
working revision (1993).

Discussion via electronic mail on Lojban-List,
lojban@[email protected], and private mail resulting from same
between others and Bob LeChevalier.

The following data file is tab compressed using tab columns 9, 21, 40,
61, 81, and is sorted in Lojban gismu order.  Other sort orders are
possible after expanding the tabs appropriately.

Fields are explained as follows:

(1) The Lojban gismu, if any.  If there are multiple historical TLI
Loglan equivalents, a sequence number is added afterwards to aid
sorting.  A dash indicates that no Lojban gismu matches the concept
expressed in the TLI Loglan word, though there is always at least one
lujvo or fu'ivla equivalent given in (6) in such cases.

(2) An equivalent word from Loglan 4/5 dictionaries, as published in
1974-5.  Where possible, a primitive (gismu) was used as equivalent,
even if the place structures did not map accurately.  Effort was made to
seek matches in the concept as expressed in English translation, since
exact concept match at the place structure level is rare.  See (6).  A
number may follow indicating a multiple entry in this column for that
word.  Hyphens indicate that no word or combination of words could be
identified that matched the Lojban concept.

(3) If (2) is a complex (lujvo), this is a pseudo-expansion to an
"unreduced" form, as if L4/5 compounds were so expandible.  There is
some possible ambiguity in that some primitives (gismu) differed only in
the final vowel.  The purpose of this column is to show the original
metaphor in a minimum of space, for those who do not have TLI word lists
from the post-GMR (1983) timeframe.

(4) An equivalent word from the 1989 4th edition of Loglan 1, or
occasionally from an updated list posted on the now-defunct Planned
Language Server by TLI Academy member Steve Rice incorporating some
additional changes published up until 1991.  If there was clear
traceability to a 1974-5 word, this entry is shown on the same line as
that word; otherwise there will be multiple lines for a single Lojban
gismu (See (1)).  Where possible, a primitive (gismu) was used as
equivalent, even if the place structures did not map accurately.  Effort
was made to seek matches in the concept as expressed in English
translation, since exact concept match at the place structure level is
rare.  See (6).  A number may follow indicating a multiple entry in this
column for that word.  An asterisk preceding the word indicates that
there was a word change between 1974-5 and 1989.  This understates the
total change since there are unmarked place structure changes that at
times indicate major meaning changes.  If a complex (lujvo) is given,
and attempt was made to create the "highest scoring" lujvo according to
the last known TLI complex-making rules.  This may differ from the
wordform that might appear in a TLI dictionary.

(5) The unreduced form equivalent for each complex (lujvo) in (4).

(6) When there was a mismatch between the Lojban word and the
corresponding TLI entry, an attempt was made to create a lujvo, or
perhaps a fu'ivla, that captured the concept of the TLI word as
expressed in L4/L5 (on in Loglan 1 4th edition if not in L4/L5).  These
"equivalent words" fall into a few major classes:

a. If the TLI word is expressed as a comparative, there will be a rafsi
suffix -mau or -zma indicating this.  There may or may not be other
differences in concept besides the comparative expressed in the entry
for (6).

b. If more than one TLI word is listed as an equivalent to the Lojban
gismu, and especially when the TLI words indicate subsets of the Lojban
semantic space, these words will try to clearly convey the nature of that
restriction of the full Lojban meaning.

c. If there was a clear rearrangement of place structure as the only
obvious difference in meaning, a conversion lujvo indicating the place
switch is given.  This will also be noted in (7).  Such explanatory
lujvo are probably not really useful in conversion between the various
Loglan/Lojban dialects, since place structure rearrangements are
probably easier made explicitly.

d. Words that more accurately express the English equivalent of the TLI
Loglan concept as presented in L4/L5 than the Lojban gismu.

This is not an exhaustive set of possibilities, and no particular effort
was made to devise lujvo to cover all differences between TLI words and
Lojban words.  In some cases, this is impossible because the TLI word is
so vaguely defined or polysemous (multiple meanings) as to make it
unclear how to match the words.  In other cases it is because the TLI
word is missing places that seem metaphysically necessary to the Lojban
equivelent concept, and there is no obvious and useful concept omitting
those added places - i.e. the TLI place structure is flawed to the point
of not being worth matching exactly.

(7) Notes on the meaning of the TLI entries, the evolutionary history of
the words, and in the case of words expressed as TLI Loglan complexes
(lujvo) in (2) and (4), the English translation of the metaphorical
expansion, so that those without TLI wordlists can see what metaphorical
basis was used.  Similar information is not provided for the Lojban
equivalent lujvo in (6) for space reasons, but also recognizing that
this table is designed to appear in an appendix of the Lojban
dictionary/reference, which will either list all such lujvo as entries
(including place strcutures) or will at least provide the data and rules
needed for a dictionary user to interpret them at the
metaphorical-expansion level.

(1)	(2)	(3)	(4)	(5)	(6)                                                                  (7)
	1975 L4/5	1975 expansion	 1989 Loglan 1	1989expansion	better Lojban                                                        meaning notes
-----	-----		 -----		karcyvelyle'i                                                        (taksi; added post 1989: taxi)
-----	-----		 -----		ranmrdrakone, rambalrespa, rambalsince, ramfagrespa                  (dralu; prim: dragon; added post-1989)
-----	-----		*bordo		vanjrbordo                                                           (borrowing: Bordeaux wine)
-----	-----		*brihe		cirlrbri                                                             (borrowing: brie cheese)
-----	-----		*bucto		spagunma, dzitricu, dziricfoi, cmaspa, cmaspafoi, cmaricfoi          (prim: bush, brush)
-----	-----		*cabli		vanjrcabli                                                           (borrowing: Chablis wine)
-----	-----		*catra		mabrlutra, mabrmustelidalutra                                        (prim: otter)
-----	-----		*cimpe		smanrpana, remsmismani, smanrkimpanze, smanrcimpanze, smanrpantroglodite        (borrowing: chimp)
-----	-----		*dalra		meryru'u                                                             (prim: dollar)
-----	-----		*farsa/i/o		kulnrfarsi, bangrfarsi, prenrfarsi                                   (borrowing: Iranian)
-----	-----		*glopa		pipybajra, pipyvelbajra, pipybajykla, sutxirkla, sutxirvelbajra      (prim: gallop)
-----	-----		*gorla		smanrgorila, tsasmani                                                (borrowing: gorilla)
-----	-----		*gumbo		stagrxokra, spatrxokra, stagrgumbo, spatrgumbo, spatrmalvaskulentu   (borrowing: okra)
-----	-----		*lansa		ga'arxa'i, xirga'a, xirga'axa'i, xirvi'uga'axa'i                     (prim: lance)
-----	-----		*larka		cipnrxalaudide                                                       (prim: lark)
-----	-----		*manga		grutrmango, grutrmanka, tricrmangifera                               (borrowing: mango)
-----	-----		*mirdo		dekyki'o                                                             (prim: myriad = 10000 non-metric prefix)
-----	-----		*negvo		claxu, mabla, selna'e, kamna'e, dukti, nonme'a, ni'umei namcu???     (vague keyword; prim: negative)
-----	-----		*norga/i/o		kulnrnorge, bangrnorge, prenrnorge                                   (borrowing: Norwegian)
-----	-----		*nukle		velnarge, ratymidju                                                  (per L1 prim list: nucleus; also listed as borrowing nukli in text of L1))
-----	-----		*panhi		smanrpana, remsmismani, smanrkimpanze, smanrcimpanze, smanrpantroglodite        (borrowing: chimpanzee)
-----	-----		*parka		kostrparka, durkosta, berdurkosta                                    (borrowing: parka)
-----	-----		*patmi		grupesxu, tamgrupesxu                                                (prim: dough/pasta)
-----	-----		*perla		jmeboi, boijme, selcakyjme                                           (prim: pearl)
-----	-----		*polka/i/o		kulnrpolska, bangrpolska, prenrpolska                                (borrowing: Polish)
-----	-----		*porto		potyvanju, vanjrporto                                                (borrowing: port wine)
-----	-----		*pozvo		vague keyword: kansa, zabna, selxu'a, zasti, nonmau, ma'umei namcu   (prim: positive)
-----	-----		*sakhi		ponvanju, risyvanju, vanjrsake, vanjrni'oncu                         (borrowing: saki wine)
-----	-----		*satni		bukprzaituni, xulte'ubu'u, bukprsatine                               (prim: satin)
-----	-----		*suske		zugykri, fu'ekri, zugji'i, fuzyji'i                                  (prim: suspect)
-----	-----		*svera/i/o		kulnrzverige, bangrzverige, prenrzverige, --zveri,e                  (borrowing: Swedish; the words violate the list of permissible initials)
-----	-----		*troti		mijyxirbajra, xirdutybajykla, vlinybajra, vlinybajykla, snobajykla   (prim: trot)
-----	-----		*volta		gradrvolta, dicyda'erau                                              (prim: volt)
-----	bifte		 bifte		baktsupa'o, bakrecpa'o, bakni tsurecpa'o, paltylaire'u               (prim: beefsteak)
-----	bilra		 bilra		jbuboikei                                                            (prim: play billiards)
-----	borku		 borku		ga'ardance'a, bagyce'a, bagyxa'i, kroce'a                            (prim: bow for arrows)
-----	briku		 briku		kitybli, jarkitybli, takybli, takytapla                              (prim: brick)
-----	broci		*bruci		pijnyja'i, ja'irpijne                                                (prim: brooch)
-----	butpa		 butpa		bracutci, tupcutci                                                   (prim: boot)
-----	fizdi		 fizdi		nalmenli, tolxanri, tolmenli, tolmucti, nalmucti                     (prim: physical)
-----	frani		*fraki		fasru'u                                                              (prim: franc)
-----	fulro		*fluro		xukrflu'orine, li'orkliru, xukmrflori                                (prim: fluorine)
-----	futbo		 futbo		kelcrfutbo, boltipyjvi                                               (prim: football = soccer?)
-----	grato		 grato		titnanba, nabysmi                                                    (prim: cake)
-----	kabre		 kabre		sa'arbarja, zgibarja, tigygusta                                      (prim: nightclub/cabaret)
-----	karto		*-----		tinsyple, pletinsa, jarple                                           (prim: cardboard; deleted during GMR)
-----	konva		*-----		tsabu'u, marnybu'u                                                   (prim: canvas; apparently deleted after 1983)
-----	londa		*-----		pelkremau, krekadmau, kapkadmau, krelabmau                           (prim: blond; apparently deleted after 1983)
-----	marki		*makri		dotru'u or tcoru'u                                                   (marci in 1983; prim: deutschmark)
-----	marme		*-----		rutpesxu, rutpilpesxu, rutyjdu                                       (prim: marmalade; apparently deleted after 1983)
-----	mukri		*sekre		vricyvipsi, bijvricyvipsi, ci'arse'u, veirse'u, ci'arseljibri, sivdju, sivyvipsi        (prim: secretary)
-----	pandi		 pandi		ritru'u                                                              (prim: pound (sterling)
-----	pesro		 pesro		xipru'u                                                              (prim: peso = 'Latin American currency'; uselessly vague)
-----	pesta		 pesta		sanru'u                                                              (prim: peseta)
-----	pulso		 pulso		selxlu, sezbai, zu'edji                                              (prim: impulse)
-----	rindi		*rinda/i/o		kulnrmerinda, prenrmerinda, bangrmerinda, bemjoitco pamoi xabju      (prim: Amerind)
-----	rorpe1	ro pernu	*piplo		selgu'e                                                              (prim: people)
-----	rorpe2	ro pernu	*rorpeu	ro pernu	selgu'e                                                              (all-persons)
-----	rorpe3	ro pernu	*nurgui	nu gunti	selgu'e                                                              (be_countried)
-----	rubli		 rubli		rukru'u                                                              (prim: ruble)
-----	rulpi		 rulpi		xinru'u                                                              (prim: rupee)
-----	setci2		 setci2		selcmi                                                               (prim: set)
-----	skafe		*ckafe		kafybarja                                                            (prim: cafe, coffeehouse)
-----	talna		*talna/i/o		kulnrtalia, prenrtalia, bangrtalia                                   (prim: Italian)
-----	tatro		 tatro		tigystu, dracystu, dracydi'u, kindi'u, sindi'u, tigdi'u              (prim: theater)
-----	tenta		 tenta		bu'udru, bu'uzda, bu'umra, kapydru, kapyzda, kapmra, zasyzda, zasmra, gikyzda, gikydru, gikmra, bevmra, bevdru, bu'urdi'u, kapydi'u; (prim: tent)
-----	virta		 virta		gubnoi, gubyfriti, gubgau, gubzu'e, vensku, venfriti, venynoi, ve'urnoi, skinoi; (prim: advertise)
bacru	voldu	voksydurzo	*voidru	voksydurzo	                                                                     (voice-do)
badna	banla		*banhane		                                                                     (1989 TLI Loglan became a borrowing)
badri	kecri		 kecri
bajra	prano		 prano		bajykla
bakfu	badlo		 badlo
bakni	kasni		 kasni
bakri	tokri		 tokri
baktu	bakto		 bakto
balji	blabo		*bulbi
balni	balko		 balko
balre	blada		 blada
balvi	futci		 futci
bancu	nurbi	nu bitsa	*nurbia	nu(r)bitsa	selbi'i                                                              (be_betweened; i.e. surrounding?)
bandu1	curma	tcuramadzo	*curmao	tcuramadzo	                                                                     (secure-make)
bandu2	curmatka	tcurymadzykamda	*curmaokamda	curmymadzykamda	                                                                     (secure-make-combat)
banfi	-----		 -----
bangu	lengu		 lengu
banli	grada		 grada
banro	rodja		 rodja
banxa	banko		 banko
banzu	tsufi		 tsufi
bapli	fosli		 fosli
barda	groda		 groda		bramau
bargu	farka		 farka
barja	barju		*barcu
barna	marka		 marka
bartu	zvoto		 zvoto
basna	pucladma	purdycladymadzo	*purclamao	purdycladymadzo	                                                                     (word-loud-make)
basti	nosplizo	norsyplizo	*noipli	notbyplizo	                                                                     (other-use)
batci	ditka		 ditka
batke	botni		 botni
bavmi	-----		 -----
baxso	-----		 -----
bebna	bunbo		 bunbo
bemro	-----		 -----
bende	bendu		 bendu		zgitigbe'e, zgibe'e
bengo	-----		 -----
benji1	sundi		 sundi
benji2	norsitsu	norsysitfysundi	*notsitsui	notbysitfysundi	                                                                     (other-place send = transfer)
bersa	sonta		*sunho
berti	norla		*nordi		bermau
besna	berna		 berna
betfu	beldu		 beldu
betri	porve	potryvetci	*huirvei	hutryvetci	                                                                     (destroy-event limited to disaster, destructive event)
bevri	berti		 berti
bidju	cmaro	cmalytroku	*cmatro	cmalytroku	                                                                     (small-rock)
bifce	bifci		 bifci
bikla	blice		*bitce		                                                                     (old Loglan is the noun 'whip'; a lujvo gives the transitive 'x whips y'; Lojban defines bikla as the intransitive verb 'x whips'
bilga1	nurfogru	nu forlygruni	*nurfolrui	nu forlyrulni	                                                                     (be-strongly-ruled; to be obligated by a rule; 'duty' is listed as the x2 of this word)
bilga2	forgruto	forlygrunytogri	*folrultoi	forlyrulnytogri	                                                                     (strong-rule-agree; the emotion: to feel obligated)
bilma1	malbi		 malbi		                                                                     (old Loglan has x1 as a disease, not as a person ill)
bilma2	malve	malbyveslo	*malveo	malbyveslo	                                                                     (disease-contain)
bilma3	nudje	nu djela	*nurdje	nu djela	                                                                     (converse of comparative healthy x1 is less healthy than x2, hence ill)
bilni	bilca		 bilca
bindo	-----		 -----
binra	curdi		 curdi
binxo	cenja		 cenja		                                                                     (limited to 'natural change'; else use cenma; see Lojban galfi)
birje	birju		*birju		                                                                     (birsu in 1983, later changed back)
birka	barma		 barma
birti	sirna		 sirna
bisli	bisli		 bisli
bitmu	tcali		 tcali		                                                                     (a wall around x2, not between)
blabi	blabi		 blabi		labmau
blaci	gliso		 gliso
blanu	blanu		 blanu		blamau
bliku	-----		*bloku		                                                                     (added post-GMR)
bloti	botcu		*botsu
bolci	balma		 balma
bongu	bongu		 bongu
botpi1	batpi		 batpi
gacri2	kuvga2		 kuvga2		velbo'i
boxfo	-----		 -----		                                                                     (only defined in L4 for bed sheet, and piece of paper)
boxna	valpu		 valpu
bradi	nemdi		 nemdi
bratu	-----		 -----
brazo	-----		 -----
bredi	bredi		 bredi
bridi	katpu	katlypurdi	*katpua	katlypurdi	                                                                     (quality-word etymology suggests brivla (predicate word), but the definition seems to match bridi)
brife	brize		 brize
briju	fusto		 fusto
brito	-----		 -----
broda	-----		 -----		                                                                     (English examples used the series predA, predE, predI, predO, predU for the primary functions of these words, but they were not used in Loglan examples)
brode	-----		 -----
brodi	-----		 -----
brodo	-----		 -----
brodu	-----		 -----
bruna	bradi		*brudi		pazbu'a
budjo	-----		 -----
bukpu	klabu		 klabu
bumru	fragu		 fragu
bunda	pando		*pundo		                                                                     (limited to the actual English weight unit, and not generalized)
bunre	brani		*brona		burmau
burcu	brocu		 brocu
burna	solco	soclycomtu	*socycou	soclycomtu	                                                                     (social-ashamed)
cabna1	nadzo		 nadzo
cabna2	samke	samtyckemo	*samkeo	samtyckemo	                                                                     (same-time_interval = simultaneous; place structure identical with nadzo; especially curious since ckemo is a time interval, not a point, yet we think of simultaneous as matching a point while 'current' is a rather looser match)
cabra	ratci		*patce
cacra	djora		*horto		                                                                     (jorta in 1983, jorto in 1987)
cadzu	dzoru		 dzoru		dzukla
cafne	pifno		 pifno		cafmau
cakla	tcoko		 tcoko
calku	-----		*konce
canci	vidgo	vidjygotso	*vijgoi	vidjygodzi	                                                                     (view-go)
cando1	norkakto	no kakto	*norkao	no kakto	                                                                     (0-actor)
cando2	nu kakfo	nu kakto folma	*nurkaoflo	nu kakto folma	cadmau                                                               (less- (act-filled) = more energetic)
cange	fanra		 fanra
canja	batmi		 batmi
canko	cundo		 cundo
canlu	spasi		 spasi
canpa	cavle		 cavle
canre	sanca		 sanca
canti1	visra		 visra
canti2	-----		*intestini		                                                                     (borrowing)
carce	tcari		*karti
carmi	brili		 brili		caizma                                                               (most English equivalents given in L1 are better expressed as lujvo involving gusni)
carna	trana		 trana
cartu	cartu		 cartu
carvi	crina		 crina		tercarvi
casnu	dislu		 dislu
catke	puctu		*pucto
catlu	bleka		 bleka
catni	tcori		 tcori
catra	morma	mortymadzo	*mormao	mortymadzo	                                                                     (dead-make)
caxno	nu condi		 nu condi		caxmau                                                               (out deeped)
cecla1	tamre	tarmyrenro	*tamreo	tarmyrenro	                                                                     (weapon-throw)
cecla2	restamre	restytarmyrenro	*zbutamreo	zbumytarmyrenro	                                                                     (explode-weapon-throw)
cecla3	renro		 renro		                                                                     (throw)
cecmu	-----		*munce
cedra	litke	litryckemo	*hiskeo	hisryckemo	                                                                     (history-time_interval)
cedra	tcake	tcalyckemo	*laacke	langyckemo	                                                                     (long-time_interval)
cedra	terke	terla ckemo	*telkeo	terlyckemo	                                                                     (epoch = earth-time_interval)
cenba	-----		 -----		                                                                     (the keyword 'change' in old Loglan wordlists cooresponds to lojban binxo, with no sense of 'variation'. i.e. changing as a process without changing into something)
censa	ganfo	gandyfolma	*gadyflo	cesmau	                                                                     (god-full)
censa	ganfo	gandyfolma	*sento	cesmau	                                                                     (god-full)
centi	senti		*centi		                                                                     (deleted in GMR, then restored as senti, then changed)
cerda	-----		 -----
cerni	monza		 monza
certu	spuro		 spuro
cevni	gandi		 gandi
cfari	satma	satcymadzo	*sacmao	satcymadzo	                                                                     (start-make)
cfika	fikco		 fikco
cfila	tsero2		 tsero2		selsre                                                               (Lojban cfila applies only if innate/inherent, else Lojban srera)
cfine	-----		 -----
cfipu	-----		 -----
ciblu	bludi		 bludi
cicna	-----		 -----
cidja	tcidi		 tcidi
cidni	tudji	tuglydjine	*tuedji	tuglydjine	                                                                     (leg-joins_to)
cidro	lidro		*hidro
cifnu	cinta		 cinta
cigla	-----		 -----
cikna	cidja		 cidja
cikre	nakso		 nakso
ciksi	klima	klirymadzo	*klimao	klirymadzo	                                                                     (clear-make)
cilce	freci	frezyclivi	*rezlii	frezyclivi	                                                                     (free-live)
cilmo	metlo		*cetlo
cilre	cirna		 cirna
cilta1	citre		 citre
cilta2	tirca		 tirca		jimcilta
cimde	nuska	nu skalu	*nurska	nu(r)skalu	                                                                     (be-scaled)
cimni	racke	ra ckemo	 rarkeo	 ra(r)ckemo	                                                                     (eternity = all-time_interval)
cinba	skesa		 skesa
cindu	sokcu		 sokcu
cinfo	simba		 simba
cinje	-----		 -----
cinki	setco		*sekta
cinla	linco		 linco		cinlymau
cinmo	filmo		 filmo
cinri	treci		 treci
cinse	sekci		 sekci		cinjikca, cinprami, cinju'i                                          (po sekci is x2 of Lojban cinse; i.e. selcinse)
cinta	pinti		 pinti
cinza	-----		 -----
cipni	nirda		 nirda
cipra	pruci		 pruci
cirko	dirlu		 dirlu
cirla	nikri		 nikri
ciska	srite		 srite
cisma	crano		 crano
ciste	sitmo		*sisto
citka	titci		 titci
citno	junti		 junti
citri	litri		*hisri		                                                                     (cisti in 1983)
citsi	nirpa	nirnyparte	*ninpai	nirnyparti	                                                                     (year-part)
civla	ladzo		 ladzo
cizra	gutra		 gutra		cizmau
ckabu	-----		 -----
ckafi	skafi		 skafi
ckaji	katli		 katli
ckana	betpu		*bedpu
ckape	denro		 denro
ckasu	-----		 -----
ckeji	comtu		 comtu
ckiku	tocki		 tocki
ckilu	skalu		 skalu
ckini	kanci		*kunci
ckire	garti		 garti
ckule	ckela		 ckela
ckunu	-----		*pansu		                                                                     (may be limited to only pines)
cladu	clado		 clado		lauzma
clani	tcale		*langa		clamau
claxu	claso		*clesi
clika	-----		 -----
clira1	tsebi	tserybisti	*tsepao	tserypasko	                                                                     (error-before; concept seems limited to being erroneously early)
clira2	bisti2		*pasko2
clite	focka	formyckano	*foacka	formyckano	                                                                     (formal-kind)
cliva1	gotso2		*godzi2
cliva2	sadgo	satcygotso	*sacgoi	satcygodzi	                                                                     (start-go)
cliva3	clago	clasygotso	*clegoi	clesygodzi	                                                                     (without-go)
clupa	-----		 -----
cmaci	numsensi	numcysensi	 numsensi	numcysensi	                                                                     (number-science)
cmalu	cmalo		 cmalo
cmana	manta		*monca
cmavo	-----		 -----
cmene	namci		 namci
cmila	clafo		 clafo
cmima	djori		 djori
cmoni	pukra	puntykraku	*punkra	puntykraku	                                                                     (pain-cry_out)
cnano	norma		 norma
cnebo	sneku		 sneku
cnemu	barda		 barda
cnici	nitci		 nitci		nicmau
cnino	cninu		 cninu		ninmau, niozma
cnisa	pubmi		*pubmo		                                                                     (pubmu in 1983)
cnita	damni1		*nilca1
cokcu	metce	metlycenja	*cetcea	cetlycenja	                                                                     (wet-become)
condi	condi		 condi		cnomau, coizma
cortu	puntu		 puntu
cpacu	getsi		 getsi
cpana	tovne	tovrynedza	*tovnea	tovrynedza	                                                                     (over-next_to)
cpare	-----		 -----
cpedu	skiti		*begco
cpina	-----		 -----
cradi	radlo		*radjo		velcradi
crane	frena		 frena
creka	blusa1		 blusa1		                                                                     (blouse)
creka	carta		*curta
crepu	fruto	frutytokna	*frutoa	frutytokna	                                                                     (fruit-take)
cribe	-----		 -----
crida	-----		 -----
crino	vegri		 vegri		ri'ozma
cripu	cidjo		*cibra
crisa	cimra		 cimra
critu	cimfu	cimryfutci	*cimfui	cimryfutci	                                                                     (summer-future)
ctaru	-----		 -----
ctebi	zlupi		 zlupi
cteki	cteki		 cteki
ctile	-----		 -----
ctino	cidza		*cedzu
ctuca	ditca		 ditca
cukla	randi		*rande
cukta	bukcu		 bukcu		selpapri                                                             (the word originally referred to bound documents; the Lojban emphasizes the conceptual volume, which may be in a medium such as microfilm, computer disk, etc.)
culno	folma		 folma		clumau
cumki	bleci		*blicu
cumla	setsa	sedjysanti	*selsai	seljysanti	                                                                     (self-quiet)
cunmi	-----		 -----
cunso	canse1		 canse1
cuntu	ferci		 ferci
cupra	podju		*proju
curmi	letci		 letci
curnu	kurma		 kurma
curve	punfo1		 punfo1		                                                                     (split into two concepts: curve and manfo)
cusku	cutse		 cutse		terpinka                                                             (concept has been generalized)
cutci	cutci		 cutci
cutne	tceti		 tceti
cuxna	tisra		 tisra
dacru	drara		 drara
dacti	bekti		 bekti
dadjo	-----		 -----
dakfu	najda		 najda
dakli	sakli		 sakli
damba	kamda		 kamda
damri	-----		*ramgu
dandu	pendi		 pendi
danfu1	retpi		 retpi		namspu, retspu
danfu2	palre	palnyretpi	*nabretpi	nabmyretpi	                                                                     (problem-reply)
danlu	nimla		 nimla
danmo	smano		 smano
danre	fu skapu	fu skapypuctu	*fu skapypuo	fu skapypucto	                                                                     (skin-push)
dansu	dansa		*danse		                                                                     (requires a partner)
danti1	nunre	nu renro	*nuryreo	nu renro	                                                                     (x2 of throw, something thrown)
danti2	cmanunre	cmalo nu renro	*cmanuryreo	cmalo nu renro	                                                                     (small-x2 of thrown = bullet)
danti3	nu tamre	nu tarmyrenro	*nu tamreo	nu tarmyrenro	                                                                     (x2 of weapon-thrown = projectile)
daplu	cilda		 cilda
dapma	kafcu	kasfycutse	*kafcue	kasfycutse	                                                                     (punish-say = condemn)
dargu	rodlu		 rodlu
darlu	ditlu		*targo		dabdau, daurda'a                                                     (must argue against an opponent over an issue)
darno	darli		 darli		darmau
darsi	dubri	durzybriga	*druria	durzybriga	                                                                     (doingly-brave)
darxi	bloda		 bloda
daski	packo		*packe
dasni	repli	resfyplizo	*respli	resfyplizo	                                                                     (clothes-use)
daspo	potri		*hutri
dasri	-----		 -----
datka	-----		 -----
datni	fekto2		 fekto2
decti	-----		*decti		                                                                     (desti in 1983)
degji1	djeto		*dedjo		                                                                     (limited to finger)
degji2	djoto		 djoto		                                                                     (limited to toe)
dejni	djeta		 djeta
dekpu	-----		*galno		                                                                     (old Loglan limited to English unit)
dekto	-----		*dekto
delno	-----		 -----
dembi	-----		 -----
denci	dante		 dante
denmi	morle	mordylenri	*mronei	mordynenri	demzma                                                               (more-inside)
denpa	pazda		 pazda
dertu	dertu		 dertu
derxi	ctima	ctifymanta	*ctimoa	ctifymonca	                                                                     (stuff-mountain)
desku1	siltu2		 siltu2
desku2	kuksi	kukrysiltu	*kuksiu	kukrysiltu	                                                                     (quick-oscillate = vibrate)
detri	densa	denlysanpa	*delsaa	denlysanpa	                                                                     (day-sign)
dicra1	krastima	kralystisymadzo	*krostimao	krolystisymadzo	fledicra                                                             (flow-stop-make)
dicra1	stima	stisymadzo	*stimao	stisymadzo	                                                                     (stop-make)
dikca	lenki		 lenki
diklo	lokti		 lokti		                                                                     ("originates in and confined to")
dikni1	rilri1		 rilri1		dikmau
dikni2	-----		*cikli		terdikrau                                                            (borrowing: cycle)
dikni3	-----		*herzi		terdikrau                                                            (borrowing: hertz; unclear how distinct from cikli)
dilcu	brato2		 brato2		                                                                     (does not distinguish between quotient (which normally doesn't include the remainder) and ratio; remainder is an unrelated lujvo stonu -> stonuu from metaphor "staying-number")
dilnu	klada		 klada
dimna	normutfu	no muvdyfutci	*normuvfui	no(r)muvdyfutci	                                                                     (not-move-future)
dinju2	balci1		 balci1		                                                                     (the place structure of balci is identical to that of madzo;  however, its English translation suggests that it is limited to erection and construction of buildings/edifices)
dinju1	nurba	nu balci	*nurbai	nu(r)balci	                                                                     (x2 of build = something built)
dinko	naldi		 naldi
dirba	dipri		 dipri
dirce	nu kreni		 nu kreni		nendi'e                                                              (limited to energy emissions)
dirgo	drida		 drida
dizlo	damni2		*nilca2		dzimau, cnita
djacu	cutri		 cutri
djedi	nu denli		 nu denli		                                                                     (day is officially the x2 of denli, which means daytime, but actual usage never reflected this and confused day and daytime as do many natural languages; unlike all other old Loglan time units, though, denli has no place for a number of days, because it is confused with the concept daytime = Lojban donri)
djica	danza		 danza
djine	djale2		*rinje
djuno	djano		 djano
donri	denli		 denli		                                                                     (see also Lojban djedi; in addition to mensa, se denli is a measurement word not reformulated to the standard measurement place structure)
dotco	dotca/o		*dotca/i/o
draci	stafi	stadyfikco	*stafikco	stadyfikco	                                                                     (stage-fiction)
drani	dreti		 dreti
drata	norsa		*notbi		                                                                     (norsa derived from no samto, notbi from no bi)
drudi	trufa		 trufa
dugri	-----		 -----
dukse	motsu	mordytsufi	*moutsu	mordytsufi	                                                                     (more-sufficient)
dukti	pozbu		*bufpo
dunda	donsu		 donsu
dunja1	salce	saldycenja	*salcea	saldycenja	                                                                     (solid-become)
dunja2	saldi2		 saldi2
dunku	smipu	sminypuntu	*minpuu	sminypuntu	                                                                     (mentally-hurt)
dunli	ciktu		 ciktu
dunra	dotra		 dotra
dzena	bislinka	bislyclinykanci	*paslinkui	paskyslinykunci	                                                                     (before-line-kin, limited to lineal ancestors, rather than generically referring to an older generation)
dzipo	-----		 -----
facki	duvra		*duvri
fadni	danri		 danri
fagri1	fagro		 fagro
fagri2	flami		 flami		fagypau, fagyfle
falnu	salfa		 salfa
famti	torspaka	to spalykanci	*torpalkui	to(r)spalykunci	                                                                     (2-side-kin, used for aunt/uncle as well as nephew/niece; i.e. both x1 and x2 of famti)
fancu	-----		 -----
fange	nozgu	norsygunti	*notgui	notbygunti	                                                                     (other-country)
fanmo	rando		*fando
fanri	-----		 -----
fanta1	bistisma	bislystisymadzo	*pakstimao	paskystisymadzo	                                                                     (before-stop-make)
fanta2	kaklitnu	kaktylitnu	*kakliu	kaktylitnu	                                                                     (act-hold)
fanta3	norvecko	no vetcyckozu	*norveicko	no(r)vetcyckozu	                                                                     (not-event-cause)
fanva	-----		 -----
fanza1	poplu	pozbypluci	*pozplu	pozbypluci	                                                                     (opposite-please)
fanza2	nurkacko	nu kamfyckozu	*nurkoucko	nu(r)komfyckozu	                                                                     (outcomforted-cause)
fapro	fanpo		*pozfa
farlu	ferlu		*felda
farna	dirci		*dirco		selfa'a
farvi	valda		 valda
fasnu	vetci		 vetci
fatci	fekto1		 fekto1
fatne	fanri		*fanve
fatri	petri		 petri
febvi	bulju		 bulju
femti	-----		 -----
fendi1	narma	nartymadzo	*nartymao	nartymadzo	                                                                     (separate-make, the English definition appears to equate x1 with either/both x1 and x4 of the Lojban)
fendi2	parma	partymadzo	*parmao	partymadzo	                                                                     (part-make)
fengu	groci		 groci
fenki	-----		*frelo
fenra	karku		 karku
fenso	djoso		 djoso
fepni	senta		*-----		                                                                     (deleted in GMR, was limited to smaller monetary untis that were 1/100 of the primary unit)
fepri	-----		 -----
ferti	ferti		 ferti		fremau
festi	festi		 festi		fespra, malxaksu
fetsi	femdi		 femdi
figre	-----		*fighe
filso	-----		 -----
finpe	ficli		 ficli
finti1	vetfa		 vetfa
finti2	tekto2		 tekto2		dijyfi'i
flalu	lilfa		 lilfa
flani	-----		 -----
flecu	krali		*kroli
fliba	falba		 falba
flira	fasli		 fasli
foldi	fildi		 fildi		                                                                     (apparently limited to agricultural meaning)
fonmo	-----		 -----
fonxa	telfo		 telfo
forca	forka		 forka
fraso	frase/o		*frasa/i/o
frati	spada		*ponda
fraxu	tsenodri	tsero no driki	*tsenordri	tseryno(r)driki
frica	retca		 retca
friko	-----		*frika/i/o
frili	fasru		 fasru
frinu	-----		 -----
friti	tifru		 tifru
frumu	-----		 -----
fukpi	kalpi		*kopca
fulta	flofu		 flofu
funca1	canse2		 canse2		                                                                     ('luck' and 'accident' are equated with chance/randomness, or must be interpreted as "good" or "bad")
funca2	gutca	gudbi canse	*gudcae	gudbi canse	                                                                     (good-chance)
funca3	zafca	zavlo canse	*zalcae	zavlo canse	                                                                     (bad-chance)
fusra	ranta		 ranta		furmau
fuzme	rispa		*daspa
gacri	kuvga1		 kuvga1
gadri	-----		 -----
galfi	cenma	cenjymadzo	*cejmao	cenjymadzo	                                                                     (change-cause)
galtu	ganta		 ganta
galxe	goltu		 goltu
ganlo	kanlo		*klogu		ga'onri'a                                                            (being closed presumes an agent who closes, whereas being open presumes no agent - a lujvo expresses the agentive to open)
ganra	kubra		 kubra		ganmau
ganse	sanse		 sanse
ganti	testi		 testi
ganxo	gasno		 gasno
ganzu	ganli		 ganli
gapci1	vapra		*vapro		cafygapci                                                            (something "normally a gas; i.e. above some temperature)
gapci2	ligva	liktyvapra	*likvao	liktyvapro	                                                                     (a normal liquid in a gaseous state)
gapru	tovru		 tovru
garna	trelu		 trelu
gasnu	durzo		 durzo		gafygau
gasta	gasti		 gasti
genja	ginru		 ginru
gento	-----		 -----
genxu	gokru		 gokru
gerku	kangu		 kangu
gerna	tagrunse	taknygrunysetci	*takrulsei	taknyrulnysetci	                                                                     (talk-rule-set; covers the entire grammar rather than the grammar for a structure or element of the language)
gidva	glida		 glida		klagi'a
gigdo	-----		*gigdo
ginka	kampo		 kampo
girzu1	grupa		 grupa
girzu2	setci1		 setci1
gismu	-----		 -----
glare	gorma		*hatro
gleki	gacpi		*hapci
gletu	kitsa		 kitsa
glico	gleca/o		*gleca/i/o
gluta	gluva		 gluva
gocti	-----		 -----
gotro	-----		 -----
gradu	dugri		 dugri
grake	-----		*gramo
grana1	kanra		 kanra
grana2	-----		*polji		braga'a, sraga'a
grana3	stuka		 stuka		cmaga'a, cinlyga'a
grasu	girsa		*gresa
greku1	frama		 frama
greku2	truke		 truke
grusi	grisi		 grisi		rusmau
grute	fruta		 fruta
gubni	publi		 publi		gubmau
gugde	gunti		 gunti
gundi	gotri		 gotri
gunka	turka		 turka
gunma	-----		 -----
gunro	rolgu1		 rolgu1		                                                                     (definition ambiguous between gunro and slanu)
gunse	-----		 -----
gunta	takma		 takma
gurni	grunu		 grunu
guska	-----		 -----
gusni	litla		 litla
gusta	resra		 resra
gutci	-----		 -----
gutra	-----		 -----
guzme1	melno		 melno
guzme2	-----		*melhone		                                                                     (added as a borrowing in 1989 L1, but melno is still listed as a prim in that book)
jabre	breko		 breko		terjabre
jadni	durna		 durna
jakne	-----		 -----
jalge	nucko	nu ckozu	*nurcko	nu(r)ckozu	                                                                     (something caused; effect, issue; indistinct from specifically physical causes and effects)
jalna	-----		 -----
jalra	-----		 -----
jamfu	fitpi		 fitpi
jamna	dorja		 dorja
janbe	bekli		 bekli
janco	ganbadji	gantybarmydjine	*ganbardji	gantybarmydjine	                                                                     (high-arm-join)
janli	mublo	muvdybloda	*muoblo	muvdybloda	                                                                     (move-hit)
jansu	konsu		 konsu
janta	kanti		 kanti
jarbu	-----		 -----
jarco	kanle	kanvyletci	*vizlei	vizkyletci	                                                                     (see-permit)
jarco	kanma	kanvymadzo	*vizmao	vizkamadzo	                                                                     (see-make)
jarki	janro		 janro
jaspu	paspo		 paspo		li'urjaspu
jatna	kapta		 kapta		bloja'a
javni	gruni		*rulni
jbama	bomba		 bomba
jbari	mafru	cmalyfruta	*cmafru	cmalyfruta	                                                                     (small-fruit)
jbena	brana		 brana		seljbe
jbera	djema	djetymadzo	*jetmao	djetymadzo	                                                                     (debt-make)
jbini	bitsa		 bitsa
jdari	tardu		*hardu
jdice	disri		 disri
jdika	cmace	cmalycenba	*cmacea	cmalycenba	                                                                     (small-become)
jdima	prati		 prati		                                                                     (L4/L5 fails to make the distinction between price and cost)
jdini	cmeni		 cmeni
jduli	dzeli		 dzeli
jecta	poldi		 poldi		preje'a                                                              (government-citizen relationship)
jeftu	likta		 likta
jegvo	-----		 -----
jelca	cabro		 cabro
jemna	djula		 djula
jenca	tcaku1		 tcaku1
jendu	-----		 -----
jenmi	narmi		 narmi
jerna	jurna		 jurna
jersi1	jango	jantygotso	*jangoi	jantygodzi	                                                                     (hunt-go)
jersi2	praprigo	pranyprirygotso	*pranyprigoi	pranyprirygodzi	                                                                     (run-rear-go)
jersi3	prigo	prirygotso	*prigoi	prirygodzi	                                                                     (rear-go)
jerxo	-----		 -----
jesni1	nidla		 nidla		fenjesni
jesni2	pento2		*penta
jetce	-----		 -----
jetnu	tradu		 tradu
jgalu	-----		 -----
jganu	jaglo		 jaglo
jgari	jugra		 jugra
jgena	nanta		*nanda
jgina	-----		*genhe
jgira	pu sedri	pu sedjyrispe	*pu selrispe	pu seljyrispe	se'ijgi                                                              (property of self-respect)
jgita	-----		 -----
jibni	cnire		*snire		jbimau
jibri	tukle	turkyklesi	*tuakle	turkyklesi	                                                                     (work-category)
jibri	fu pepli	fu pernyplizo	*fu perpli	fu pernyplizo	                                                                     (something someone is hired to do)
jicla	miktu	miksydurzo	*misduo	miksydurzo	                                                                     (mix-do)
jicmu	basni1		 basni1
jijnu	-----		 -----
jikca	socli		 socli
jikru	likro		 likro
jilka	-----		 -----
jilra	-----		 -----
jimca	badjo		 badjo
jimpe1	sadja	sanpydjano	*saadja	sanpydjano	smujmi, smuju'o                                                      (sign-know)
jimpe2	sidja	sitmydjano	*siodja	sistydjano	                                                                     (system-know; x1 and x3 of Lojban)
jimte	limji		 limji
jinci	cirzo		 cirzo
jinga	gancu		 gancu
jinku	vaksi		 vaksi
jinme	metli		 metli
jinru	banci		 banci		jirsezlu'i
jinsa	klini		 klini		jismau
jinto	cutko	cutrykoldu	*cuthou	cutryholdu	                                                                     (water-hole)
jinvi	jupni		 jupni		                                                                     (L4/5 defines opinion as a "tentative belief", which seems more like a guess: Lojban smadi.  This is presumed an error, since later definitions use only "opines/thinks" which will presumably be taken to have a more standard meaning.)
jinzi1	-----		 -----		                                                                     (the general sense of an inherent or innate trait or nature is not covered in the TLI wordlists)
jinzi2	nu clida	nu clivydanci	*nu livdai	nu clivydanci	ginjinzi                                                             (property inherent to gene in someone from parents - very limited sense to genetic traits tied to a single gene)
jipci	-----		 -----
jipno1	penra	pentyrando	*petfao	pentyfando	                                                                     (pointy-end)
jipno2	pento1		*penta		jesmau, jesyji'omau                                                  (sharper, pointier)
jipno3	bekra	bektyrando	*bekfao	bektyfando	                                                                     (thing-end)
jirna	rorno		*horno
jisra	-----		 -----
jitfa	falji		 falji
jitro1	kanto		*troli
jitro2	mande		 mande		gunjatna, guntro                                                     (manage is vague in English; it could be jitro, jatna, gidva, minde, terbende, or jdice)
jivbu	-----		 -----
jivna	kanpi		 kanpi
jmaji	kinkamla	kincykamla	*kinkaa	kincykamla	                                                                     (together-come)
jmifa	-----		 -----
jmina	tenma	tenrymadzo	*tenmao	tenrymadzo	                                                                     (increase-make)
jmina	sumdu	sumjydurzo	*sumduo	sumjydurzo	                                                                     (sum-do)
jmive	clivi		 clivi
jordo	-----		 -----
jorne	djine		 djine		                                                                     (missing 'joint' place)
jubme	tobme		 tobme
judri	sitna	sitfynamci	*sitnamci	sitfynamci	                                                                     (site-name)
jufra	stisi		*steti
jukni	-----		 -----
jukpa	kokfa		 kokfa
julne	nreti		*netre
jundi	tedji		 tedji
jungo1	gonju		*-----		                                                                     (Mandarin Chinese; deleted by 1983)
jungo2	jungo		*junga/i/o		                                                                     (generic Chinese)
junla	jokla		 jokla
junri	srisu		 srisu		                                                                     (covers both serious/earnest and serious/grave/solemn)
junta	nu skatidjo	nu skalytidjo	*nu skatio	nu skalytidjo	                                                                     (units weighed on scale)
jurme	-----		*bakteri
jursa	-----		 -----		                                                                     (lujvo exist for harsh visage and voice based on "hard" and "rough", but these are a very limited sense of the concept)
jutsi	-----		*speci
juxre	-----		 -----
jvinu	vidju		 vidju
kabri	kupta		 kupta
kacma	kamra		 kamra
kadno	-----		 -----
kafke	kafso		 kafso
kagni	kompi		 kompi
kajde	kurni		 kurni
kajna	kanta		*celna
kakne	kanmo		 kanmo
kakpa	pafko		 pafko
kalci	studa		*ctuda
kalri	kapni		 kapni
kalsa	-----		 -----
kalte	janto		 janto
kamju	vedju	vertydjupo	*vrejuo	vretydjupo	                                                                     (vertical-support)
kamni	kamti		 kamti		                                                                     (x2 and x3 reversed)
kampu	kamtu		*kumtu
kanba	gotca		 gotca
kancu	kante		*konte		terkancu, kancyselylai
kandi	-----		 -----
kanji	-----		 -----
kanla	menki		 menki
kanro	djela		 djela
kansa	kinci		 kinci
kantu	kreni		 kreni		                                                                     (limited only to "rays"/quanta that are emitted by an energy source)
kanxe	-----		 -----
karbi	kampe		*kambi
karce	tcaro		 tcaro
karda	karda		 karda
kargu	gusti		*kusti		kargymau
karli	klira		*kalra
karni	nuzve	nuzvyveslo	*nuzveo	nuzvyveslo	                                                                     (news-vessel)
katna	kutla		 kutla
kavbu1	janju	jantyjugra	*janjua	jantyjugra	                                                                     (hunt-seize)
kecti	noske	norsykecri	*notkei	notbykecri	                                                                     (other-sad)
kelci	plici		*pleci
kelvo	-----		 -----
kenra	-----		 -----
kensa	-----		 -----
kerfa	kerfa		*herfa
kerlo	sorlu		*sorgu
ketco	-----		 -----
kevna	koldu		*holdu		                                                                     (was kuvla in 1987)
kicne	padzi		 padzi
kijno	loksi		*?????		                                                                     (prim possibly deleted in favor of a borrowing, not in 1989 L1)
kilto	-----		*kilto
kinli	kinku		 kinku		kilmau
kisto	-----		 -----
klaji	trida		 trida
klaku	mekra	metlykraku	*metkra	metlykraku	                                                                     (wet-cry_out)
klama1	gotso1		*godzi1		                                                                     (semantic difference between kamla and gotso/godzi and traci muvdo has never been defined and usage appears to be based on English idiom; place structure difference is merely a switching of x2 and x3 between kamla and the others)
klama2	kamla1		 kamla1		                                                                     (semantic difference between kamla and gotso/godzi and traci muvdo has never been defined and usage appears to be based on English idiom; place structure difference is merely a switching of x2 and x3 between kamla and the others)
klama3	traci2		 traci2		                                                                     (semantic difference between kamla and gotso/godzi and traci muvdo has never been defined and usage appears to be based on English idiom; place structure difference is merely a switching of x2 and x3 between kamla and the others)
klama4	muvdo2		 muvdo2		                                                                     (semantic difference between kamla and gotso/godzi and traci muvdo has never been defined and usage appears to be based on English idiom; place structure difference is merely a switching of x2 and x3 between kamla and the others)
klani	kanli		*canli
klesi	klesi		 klesi
klina	kliri		 kliri
kliru	colri		*cloro		                                                                     (clori in 1983, limited to chlorine, while Lojban has been extended to cover all halogens)
kliti	-----		*kleni
klupe	skori		 skori
kluza2	blusa2		 blusa2		                                                                     (inclusion of the Lojban word was inspired by the older distinction between blusa = blouse and carta = shirt, and the desire to devise non-sexist clothing terms and means to distinguish clothing; 'blouse' is also used for a sailor's shirt, as well as a woman's short, and the distinction is the looseness of the garment)
kluza1	nudji	nu djitu	*nurjiu	nu(r)djitu	luzmau                                                               (less tight than ...)
kobli	-----		*kolhe
kojna	-----		 -----		                                                                     (see jaglo; Lojban jganu)
kolme	kolme		 kolme
komcu	komcu		 komcu
konju	-----		 -----
korbi	bidje		 bidje		                                                                     (surfaces place is semantically ambiguous, suggesting that in 3-dimensions the edge is such as of a blade, or else is the intersection of two planes; usage in tanru is suggestive of the more standard meaning of edge/border/rim for which this place makes no sense, and matches the Lojban)
korcu	betcu		 betcu		kromau
korka	korka		 korka		                                                                     (ambiguous whether this refers to the bark of a cork tree, or the generic word for the dead, dry, outer bark of all woody plants.  L4/L5 wording suggests the former; Lojban uses the latter)
kosta	kosta		 kosta
kramu	-----		 -----
krasi	satci		 satci
krati	dilri		 dilri
krefu	genza		 genza
krici	krido		 krido
krili	-----		*krisitali
krinu	raznu		 raznu
krixa	kraku		 kraku
kruca	-----		 -----
kruji	krima		 krima
kruvi	korva		 korva
kubli	-----		 -----
kucli	-----		 -----
kufra	kamfu		*komfu		selkufmau
kukte	dilko1		 dilko1
kulnu	-----		*kultu
kumfa	kruma		 kruma
kumte	kamlo		*camle
kunra	minku		 minku
kunti	nirve	ni ra veslo	*niryrarveo	ni(r)ra(r)veslo	                                                                     (0-some-container = nothing-container)
kurfa1	kurja	kurfyjaglo	*kurjao	kurfyjaglo	                                                                     (square-angle, accurate match to Lojban)
kurfa2	kurfa		 kurfa		kubykurfa, pitkubykurfa                                              (the Lojban refers to the right angles, and therefore needs to bring in the concept of regular and planar shape)
kurji	kerju		 kerju
kurki	kutra		 kutra
kuspe	ranjo		 ranjo
kusru	kruli		 kruli		kusmau
labno	-----		*lupsu
lacpu	spila		*cpula
lacri	kakri	kaktykrido	*kaokri	kaktykrido	                                                                     (act-believe)
ladru	malna		 malna
lafti	lufta		 lufta		lafmu'u
lakne	dakli		 dakli		la'ezma
lakse	lakse		 lakse
lalxu	vlako		 vlako
lamji	nedza		 nedza
lanbi	-----		*proteini
lanci	flaci		 flaci
lanka	banse		 banse
lanli	-----		 -----
lanme	berci		 berci
lante	melve	metlyveslo	*metveo	metlyveslo	                                                                     (metal-vessel; apparently limited to canning performed with metal-sealing)
lanxe	balpi		 balpi
lanzu	famji		 famji
larcu	larte		 larte
lasna	-----		 -----
lastu	rasto		 rasto
latmo	romno		*romni		                                                                     (probably romna/o also per other culture words, but only the one is listed in 1989 Loglan 1)
latna	-----		 -----
lazni	-----		 -----
lebna	tokna1		 tokna1		                                                                     (pre-Lojban vocabulary lists are generally silent on what if any are the differences between words relating to acquisition)
lenjo	lenze		*lenzo
lenku	kleda		 kleda		lekmau
lerci	tsefu	tseryfutci	*tsefui	tseryfutci	srebalvi, srelerci                                                   (err-future)
lerfu	letra		 letra
libjo	-----		 -----
lidne1	nefre	nedzyfrena	*neafre	nedzyfrena	lamli'e                                                              (next-in_front; obviously limited to immediately preceding and based on the English metaphor that at times considers "to the left of" to mean "in front of")
lidne2	frego	frenygotso	*fregoi	frenygodzi	li'ekla                                                              (in_front-go, limited to motion)
lidne3	bizgo	bistygotso	*pasgoi	paskygodzi	li'ekla                                                              (before_go, limited to motion)
lifri	speni		 speni
lijda	ridji		*lidji
limna	sucmi		 sucmi		limkla
lindi	ledri		 ledri
linji1	clina		 clina		sirli'i                                                              (limited to straight lines)
linji2	linko	clinykorva	*linkoa	clinykorva	                                                                     (straight_line-curve)
linsi	tcena		 tcena
linto	latci		 latci		li'orme'a
lisri	stuci		 stuci
liste	-----		 -----		                                                                     (some kinship with lista, but the latter means Lojban porsi)
litce	-----		 -----
litki	likti		*flidu		caflitki                                                             (something 'ordinarily' a liquid at some temperature range)
litru1	traci1		 traci1
litru2	kamla2		 kamla2
litru3	gotso3		*godzi
livga	vrano		 vrano
livla	-----		 -----
logji	lodji		 lodji
lojbo	logla		 logla		dzejbo                                                               (TLI might not apply logla to Lojban due to political disputes, but the TLI version of the language is clearly an 'ancestor' of current Lojban)
loldi	fordi		 fordi		kumloi                                                               (several equivalents for bottom, none of which is clearly equivalent of the more general sense of 'floor' - a lower (supporting) surface not necessarily part of a room)
lorxu	-----		 -----
lubno	-----		 -----
lujvo	-----		 -----
lumci	vlaci		 vlaci
lunbe	resla	resfyclaso	*refcle	resfyclesi	                                                                     (clothes-without)
lunra	lunla		*lunra
lunsa	likce1	liktycenja	*flicea	flidycenja	                                                                     (liquid-become; no distinction made between melt and condense)
mabla	-----		 -----
mabru	-----		*mamla
macnu	-----		 -----
makcu1	-----		*rapcu		ma'uzma
makcu2	kalro	kaplyrodja	*kalroa	kaplyrodja	                                                                     (complete-grow)
makfa	madji		 madji		terselmakfa, maftigni
maksi	-----		*magne		                                                                     (in 1974-5 magne was magnesium, which apparently was not given a new gismu/prim and is presumably a le'avla/borrowing)
malsi	tepli		 tepli		                                                                     (adjectival meanings listed in L4/L5 seem more connected with 'religion' than 'church/temple', but then "priest" is metaphorized as "church-man" rather than based on religion or a priest's leadership or representative roles)
mamta	matma		 matma		mamrorci                                                             (limited to procreational maternal role, with a father mandatory in the place structure)
manci1	ritfi	ridjyfirpa	*lidfia	lidjyfirpa	macte'a, jdamacte'a                                                  (religion-fear)
manci2	reble	revrybleka	*reible	revrybleka	                                                                     (dream-look)
manfo1	punfo1		 punfo1		manfymau                                                             (uniformity in composition only)
manfo2	rilri2		 rilri2		manfymau                                                             (uniformity in period only)
manku	draka		 draka		manmau
manri	-----		 -----		                                                                     (entries in L4/L5 are limited to positional reference frames  (nu sitfa) and norms (kamru = common rule); there is no indication of a broader concept of a basis for decision/judgement)
mansa	cnicmama	cnidycmalymadzo	*cnicmamao	cnidycmalymadzo	tcumansa, sabmansa                                                   (need-small-make); (limited to satisfaction of a need)
manti	manti		 manti
mapku	kapma		 kapma
mapni	katna		 katna
mapti1	fomsa	formysamto	*fomsao	formysamto	                                                                     (form-same)
mapti2	nerne	ne ne	*?????		                                                                     (one-one); (corresponds to; not listed as a remade compound in Notebook 1 and presumed discarded)
marbi	garko		*harko
marce	tcabo	tcarybotcu	*tcabou	tcarybotsu	                                                                     (car-boat)
marde1	kagru	kaktygruni	*kakrui	kaktyrulni	                                                                     (act-rule; note act is 'act towards goal', and not 'behave')
marde2	fu zafka	fu zavlykakto	*zavkao	fu zavlykakto	zermarde                                                             (bad-act; note act is 'act towards goal', and not 'behave')
margu	megru		*?????		                                                                     (element word presumably remade as a borrowing)
marji	ctifu		 ctifu
marna	-----		 -----
marxa	kraco		 kraco
masno	slano		 slano		snomau
masti	mensa		 mensa		                                                                     (in addition to denli, a measurement word not reformulated to the standard measurement place structure)
matci1	-----		*tciro
matci2	spadi		 spadi		kicmatci
matli	linbu		 linbu
matne	batra		 batra
matra	motci		 motci		                                                                     (sel)tonmatra; (definition in L4/L5 limits concept to torque-producing machines, rather than the standard definition of the English words, which is motion-producing)
mavji	-----		 -----
maxri	ritma		 ritma
mebri	tofre	toskyfrena	*hedfre	hedtyfrena	                                                                     (head-front)
megdo	-----		*megdo
mekso	-----		 -----
melbi	bilti		 bilti		mlemau
meljo	-----		 -----
menli	smina		 smina
mensi	metri		*sorme		pazme'i
mentu	minta		 minta
merko	merka		*merka/i/o
merli	merli		 merli
mexno	-----		 -----
midju	midju		 midju
mifra	fu smiri	fu smikysrite	*fu smisri	fu smikysrite	                                                                     (something secret-written)
mikce	kicmu		 kicmu
mikri	-----		*mikti
milti	-----		*milti
milxe	mildo		 mildo		mli(sel)mau
minde	korji		 korji
minji	matci		 matci
minli	marli		 marli
minra	krefansu	krenyfanrysundi	*krefansui	krenyfanvysundi	                                                                     (ray-reverse-send)
mintu	samto		 samto
mipri	smike		 smike		selmipmau, selcrimau, nalterjunmau, terjunme'a
mirli	-----		 -----
misno	famva		 famva		kairmi'o
misro	-----		 -----
mitre	-----		*metro
mixre	miksa		 miksa		selxre,                                                              (sez)minselxre
mlana	spali2		 spali2		mlasfe
mlatu	katma		 katma
mleca	nurmo	nu nordu	*nurmou	nu(r)mordu	selmau                                                               (be-exceeded by)
mledi	-----		 -----
mluni	lunla	lunlyforma	*lunfoa	lunraforma	                                                                     (moon-form)
mokca1	nucli	nu clina	*nurlia	nu(r)clina	                                                                     (something passed through by a line; as a lujvo/complex, the concept is abstracted to be the closest in meaning to the Lojban)
mokca2	corke	cortyckemo	*corkeo	cortyckemo	teirmokca                                                            (short-time)
mokca3	ckepe	ckemypento	*ckepea	ckemypenta	tcikymokca                                                           (time-pointed)
moklu	manko		 manko
molki	molci		 molci
molro	-----		 -----
morji	driki		 driki
morko	-----		 -----
morna	forma2		 forma2
morsi	morto		 morto
mosra	-----		 -----
mraji	-----		 -----
mrilu	posta		 posta		velmri, mritcana
mruli	mroza		 mroza
mucti	-----		 -----
mudri	mubre		 mubre
mukti	modvi		 modvi
mulno	kapli		 kapli
munje	-----		 -----
mupli	mipli		 mipli
murse	-----		 -----
murta	krena		*kurti
muslo	-----		 -----
mutce	vedji		*mutce		tcemau
muvdu1	muvdo1		 muvdo1		                                                                     (indistinguishable from godzi/kamla except for explicit inclusion of route)
muvdu2	muvma	muvdymadzo	*muvmao	muvdymadzo	                                                                     (move-make)
muzga	-----		 -----
nabmi	palna		*nable
nakni	mandi		*mendi
nalci	tcela		 tcela
namcu	numcu		 numcu
nanba	brano		*breba
nanca	nirne		 nirne
nandu	nardu		 nardu
nanla	botci		 botci
nanmu	mrenu		 mrenu
nanvi	-----		*nanti
narge	krinu		 krinu		seldjatsi                                                            (cross-meaning of edible seed)
narju	norji		 norji		najmau
natfe	nosti	no sisti	*norsti	no(r)sisti	                                                                     (not-sentence)
natmi	fargu	farfygunti	*fragui	farfygunti	na'irgu'e                                                            (father-country)
navni	nenlo		*?????		                                                                     (element word presumably remade as a borrowing)
naxle	kanla		 kanla
nazbi	nazbi		 nazbi
nejni	nerji		 nerji		nenkaimau
nelci	fundi		 fundi		se selneimau
nenri	lenri		*nenri
nibli	snola		 snola
nicte	natli		 natli
nikle	nikle		*niklo
nilce	-----		 -----
nimre	-----		 -----
ninmu	fumna		 fumna
nirna	nervi		*nervi		                                                                     (nurvi in 1987 and in 1989 L1, but nervi again in 1991 list.  If nervi, then conflict with nervo = Lojban xanka, but the latter may have been omitted accidentally or intentionally dropped).
nitcu	cnida		 cnida
nivji	-----		 -----
nixli	nirli		 nirli
nobli1	gabra	gantybrana	*gaabra	gantybrana	                                                                     (high-born; the Lojban is probably most comparable to the sense of ganta in these metaphors, without the modificands, but the place structure of the earlier Loglan ganta standing alone is not compatible with nobli or its metaphorical use in these compounds)
nobli2	ganlilpa	gantylilpa	*ganpoi	gantyporli	                                                                     (high-powerful; the Lojban is probably most comparable to the sense of ganta in these metaphors, without the modificands, but the place structure of the earlier Loglan ganta standing alone is not compatible with nobli or its metaphorical use in these compounds)
notci1	drima	drikymadzo	*drimao	drikymadzo	                                                                     (remember-make; also includes concept of souvenir, reminder)
notci2	corle	cortylerci	*corlerci	cortylerci	                                                                     (short-letter)
nukni	-----		 -----
nupre1	durcu	durzycutse	*drucue	durzycutse	                                                                     (do-say)
nupre2	nordurcu	no durzycutse	*norduocue	no(r)durzycutse	                                                                     (not-do-say)
nurma1	fanla	fanrylandi	*farlai	fanrylandi	                                                                     (farm-land)
nurma2	fanlanli	fanrylandyclika	*farlaicli	fanrylandyclika	                                                                     (farm-land-like)
nutli	nutra		 nutra
nuzba	nuzvo		 nuzvo
pacna	spopa		 spopa
pagbu	parte		*parti
pagre	tceru		 tceru
pajni	djadi		*djudi		paijdi
palci	vedzafka	vedjyzavlykakto	*mutzalkao	mutcyzavlykakto	                                                                     (very-bad-act)
palku	panku		*pantu
palne	trani		*trali
palta	plata		 plata
pambe	dampa		 dampa
panci	sutme		 sutme
pandi	-----		 -----
panje	spena		*penja
panka1	publa	publylandi	*publai	publylandi	                                                                     (public-land)
panka2	kaptriru	kapnytricygrupa	*kaptrigru	kapnytricygrupa	                                                                     (open-tree-group)
panlo	-----		 -----
panpi	pismi		 pismi
panra	pirle		 pirle
pante	prutu		 prutu
panzi1	nu matfa	nu matmyfarfu	*nu maafra	nu matmyfarfu	                                                                     (be_mother-fathered)
panzi2	sonde	sontydetri	*sundea	sunhydetra	                                                                     (son-daughter)
panzi3	-----		*tciha
papri	pidri		 pidri
parbi	brato1		 brato1
pastu	cadre		 cadre		nimpastu
patfu	farfu		 farfu		pafrorci                                                             (limited to procreational paternal role, with a mother mandatory in the place structure)
patlu	palto		 palto
patxu1	pante		*patpe
patxu2	-----		*ketli
pelji	papre		 papre		plebo'o, plekarda
pelxu	pelto		 pelto		pelmau
pemci	virsa		*versa
penbi	penbi		 penbi
pencu	totco		 totco
pendo	fremi		 fremi
penmi	djimi		*jmite
pensi	penso		 penso
perli	perna		*persa		                                                                     (perli in 1983)
pesxu	pasti		 pasti
petso	-----		 -----
pezli	clife		 clife
picti	-----		*pikti
pijne	pinda		 pinda
pikci	liski	lilpyskiti	*poirbeo	porlybegco	                                                                     (powerful-ask)
pikta	ketpi		 ketpi		beirpikta
pilji	jalti		 jalti
pilka	skapi		 skapi
pilno	plizo		 plizo
pimlu	pluma		 pluma
pinca	pinca		 pinca
pindi	purcu		 purcu		pidmau
pinfu	preni		 preni		sfapinfu
pinji	pingu		 pingu		nakpinji
pinka	nu kancu	nu kanvycutse	*nu vikcue	nu vizkycutse	                                                                     (be_see-said)
pinsi	pinsi		 pinsi
pinta	lelpi		 lelpi
pinxe	pidra		*hompi
pipno	plano		*?????		                                                                     (not listed in 1989 L1)
pixra	tcure		 tcure
plana	fotpa		 fotpa		planymau
platu1	danci		 danci		selpla
platu2	tekto1		 tekto1		di'upla
pleji	penti		*petci
plibu	-----		 -----
plini	terfo	terlyforma	*telfoa	terlyforma	                                                                     (earth-form)
plipe	volti		*valti
plise	pligo		 pligo
plita	pilno		 pilno
plixa	plado		 plado		terplixa, lixyca'a, lixtci
pluja	-----		 -----
pluka1	pluci		 pluci		pu'argau, jai pluka
pluka2	fu pluci		 fu pluci		                                                                     (pleasing agent)
pluta	rutma		 rutma
polje	foldi		 foldi		rapyplo
polno	-----		 -----
ponjo	pongo		*ponja/i/o		                                                                     (ponga in 1983)
ponse	ponsu		 ponsu
porpi	broko		 broko
porsi	lista		 lista
porto	-----		 -----
prali	prali		 prali		dinprali
prami	clivu		*cluva
prane	fekti		*purfe
preja	kuspo		 kuspo
prenu	pernu		 pernu
preti	kunti		*kenti
prije	sadji		 sadji
prina	capri		 capri		terselpri                                                            (x2/x3 switch)
pritu	ritco		 ritco
prosa	proza		 proza
pruce	prase		 prase		ra'inru'e                                                            (processes are described as having the property of continuity as well as of proceeding through stages, unlike Lojban)
pruni1	sporu		*spori
pruni2	lasti		 lasti		punmau
pruxi	spicu		 spicu		preru'i, ruxpre
pulce	dustu		 dustu
pulji	-----		*polsi
pulni	-----		 -----
punji	setfa		 setfa
punli	sulba		 sulba
purci	bisti1		*pasko1
purdi	gardi		 gardi
purmo	pudru		 pudru
racli	rapli	raznyplizo	*razpli	raznyplizo	raclymau                                                             (definition not clear whether it refers to an event/occurance being rational or to a person whose thought processes are rational)
ractu	-----		 -----
radno	-----		 -----
rafsi	-----		 -----
ragve	karsa		 karsa
rakso	-----		 -----
raktu	nitru		*fatru
ralci1	dilko2		 dilko2		                                                                     (ambiguous in meaning between tasty/delicious and subtle/easily damaged or overwhelmed)
ralci2	bromo	brokymordu	*bromou	brokymordu	racmau                                                               (break-more)
ralju	cefli		 cefli
ralte	klipu		 klipu
randa	norgansu	no gancycutse	*norgaucue	no(r)gancycutse	                                                                     (not-win-say)
rango	clira	clivyratci	*livpae	clivypatce	                                                                     (living-apparatus)
ranji1	nu pradu	nu prasydurzo	*nu praduo	nu prasydurzo	                                                                     (process_continued_in; actually worded as "activity" continued, even though the source metaphor uses "process")
ranji2	nu setprama	nu sedjyprasymadzo	*nu selpramao	nu seljyprasymadzo	                                                                     (be_self-process-made; compounded from prama/pramao process-make = persevere)
ranmi	-----		 -----
ransu	-----		 -----
ranti	molro		 molro		ranmau
ranxi	-----		 -----
rapli	-----		 -----		                                                                     (related to genza but not in any clear manner to the place structure thereof)
rarna1	natra		 natra
rarna2	nornurma	no nu madzo	*nornurmao	no(r)nu(r)madzo	                                                                     (not-be_made; but note that natra is the negation of "supernatural")
rarna3	nu clida	nu clivydanci	*nu livdai	nu clivydanci	                                                                     (be_living-planned
rarna4	stoka	stolykatli	*stokai	stolykatli	rarmau                                                               (remain-quality; a natural, basic, or enduring, non-ephemeral quality)
ratcu	ratcu		 ratcu
ratni	-----		 -----
rebla	tilba		 tilba
rectu	mitro		 mitro
remna	dumni		*humni
renro	renro		 renro
renvi1	stolo2		 stolo2		                                                                     (as in "stay the course")
renvi2	stomo1	stolymordu	*stomou	stolymordu	renvymau                                                             (remain-more)
renvi3	stonidbe	stolynitryberti	*stofaubei	stolyfatryberti	ra'unrenvi                                                           (remain-disturb-carry; built from stoni/stofau = remain-disturb = hardship, though this is glossed as "stay-trouble")
respa	-----		 -----
ricfu	fulri		 fulri		cfumau
rigni	gusta		*tasgu		selrigni
rijno	sagla		*?????		                                                                     (element word possibly deleted in favor of a borrowing)
rilti	rinta		 rinta		selrilti
rimni	cliranso	clikyrandysondu	*clifaosoa	clikyfandysonda	                                                                     (similar-end-sound)
rinci	godru		 godru		velrinci
rinju	litnu		 litnu
rinka	ckozu		 ckozu		selja'e                                                              (ckozu is used both specifically for physical causes, for cause/effect, and as a general causal)
rinsa	jimta	djimytakna	*jmitaa	jmitytakna	                                                                     (meet-talk)
rirci	nurpi	nu pifno	*nurpio	nu(r)pifno	rircymau                                                             (out_oftened)
rirni1	-----		*penre
rirni2	matfa1	matmyfarfu	*maafra	matmyfarfu	                                                                     (mother-father)
rirxe	vrici		 vrici
rismi	rismi		 rismi
risna	karci		 karci
ritli1	telve	teplyvetci	*tepvei	teplyvetci	jdaritli, malsyritli                                                 (church-event)
ritli2	fomve	formyvetci	*fomvei	formyvetci	                                                                     (form-event)
rivbi1	dasto	darlystolo	*darsto	darlystolo	                                                                     (far-stay)
rivbi2	kovgo	korvygotso	*kovgoi	korvygodzi	rivbykla                                                             (curve-go)
rokci	troku		 troku
romge	cormi		*?????		                                                                     (element word possibly deleted in favor of a borrowing)
ropno	-----		 -----
rorci	matfa2	matmyfarfu	*maafra	matmyfarfu	                                                                     (mother-father)
rotsu	totnu		 totnu		tsumau
rozgu	rozme		 rozme
ruble	fibru		 fibru		blemau
rufsu	rofsu		 rofsu		gukrufmau, xulme'a                                                   (ambiguous in meaning between abrasive and non-smooth)
runme	likce2	liktycenja	*flicea	flidycenja	                                                                     (liquid-become; no distinction made between melt and condense)
runta	djesi		 djesi		selrunta, selctiru'e, djarunta
rupnu	-----		 -----		                                                                     (pandi/marki/pesro/pesta/rubli/rulpi/frani/dalra; dalra post-1983)
rusko	rusko		 rusko
rutni	nurma	nu madzo	*nurmao	nu(r)madzo	                                                                     (be_made)
sabji	sordo	sordydonsu	*srodou	sordydonsu	                                                                     (store-give)
sabnu	kabna		*kabni		sabnyku'a, sabnyselxa'u                                              (an individual room)
sacki	matca		*metca
saclu	-----		 -----
sadjo	-----		 -----
sakci	maspi	mankyspila	*makcpu	mankycpula	molsakcpu                                                            (mouth-pull)
sakli	clidu		 clidu
sakta	sakta		 sakta
salci1	grarizdo	gradyrispydonsu	*grarisdou	gradyrispydonsu	                                                                     (greater-respect-give)
salci2	cmike	cmizyckemo	*cmikeo	cmizyckemo	                                                                     (amuse-time)
salci3	gacke	gapcyckemo	*haicke	hapcyckemo	                                                                     (happy-time)
salpo	slopu		 slopu		sa'ozma
salta	-----		 -----
samcu	-----		 -----
sampu	sapla		 sapla		sapmau
sance	sonda		 sonda
sanga	gritu		 gritu
sanji	kance		 kance
sanli	stali		 stali
sanmi	milfa		 milfa
sanso	-----		 -----
santa	sanre		*sanla
sarcu	nerbi		 nerbi
sarji	djupo		 djupo
sarlu	-----		 -----
sarxe	tarmo		*harmo		saxmau
saske	sensi		 sensi
satci1	numfe	numcyfekti	*numfeo	numcyfekto	skefatci                                                             (number-perfect)
satci2	purfe	purdyfekti	*purfeo	purdyfekto	vlaselcu'asatci, vlasatci                                            (word-perfect)
satre	satro		 satro
savru1	cladu2		 cladu2		vrumau
savru2	cladorfo	cladyforma	*claflo	cladyforma	                                                                     (loud-form)
sazri1	bapra		 bapra		muvysazri
sazri2	krani		 krani		ma'esazri, ma'ekla
sefta	spali1		 spali1
selci	-----		*celhu		ji'esle
selfu	surva		 surva
semto	-----		 -----
senci	tsani		 tsani
senpi	dutci		 dutci
senta	-----		 -----
senva	revri		 revri
sepli	narti		 narti
serti	stire		 stire
setca	lense	lenrysetfa	*nensea	nenrysetfa	                                                                     (inside-put)
sevzi	sedji		*selji
sfani	flaki		 flaki
sfasa	kasfa		 kasfa
sfofa	sofna		*sofha
sfubu	-----		 -----
siclu	caslo		 caslo
sicni	tacme	tardycmeni	*hadcme	hardycmeni	                                                                     (hard-money)
sidbo	vidre		 vidre
sidju	selba		*helba
sigja1	sigro		*sagro
sigja2	sigre		 sigre		cmasigja, plesigja, tu'ursigja
silka	colku		 colku
silna	solte		 solte
simlu	simci		 simci
simsa	clika		 clika
simxu	durdu	durzydurzo	*durduo	durzydurzo	                                                                     (do-do)
since	marpi		 marpi
sinma	rispe		 rispe
sinso	-----		 -----
sinxa	sanpa		 sanpa
sipna	sonli		 sonli
sirji	linli	clinyclika	*liacli	clinyclika	sirmau                                                               (line-like; given that clina is defined as a straight line, and not just any kind of line)
sirxo	-----		 -----
sisku	dutra	duvrytrati	*duvrai	duvrytrati	                                                                     (discover-try)
sisti	stise		 stise
sitna	-----		*kredi		                                                                     (old Loglan keyword vague)
sivni	prizi		 prizi
skaci	skara		 skara
skami	-----		 -----
skapi	pelpi		 pelpi
skari	kolro		 kolro		selska, skatai                                                       (properties of color: hue, saturation, brilliance, rather than things having color)
skicu	tcuta	tcurytakna	*tcutaa	tcurytakna	veltervelski                                                         (picture-talk;  x3/x4 switch)
skiji	skizo		 skizo
skina	sinma		 sinma
skori	korci		*korce
skoto	skata		*skaca/i/o
skuro	-----		 -----
slabu1	laldo		 laldo		tolci'omau
slabu2	nucni	nu cninu	*nurcnu	nu(r)cninu	sauzma                                                               (be_newered_by)
slabu3	lidbi	litrybisti	*hispao	hisrypasko	cirselcedra                                                          (history-before)
slaka	-----		 -----
slami1	-----		*sadna
slami2	sarti	sarnyctifu	*sarcti	sarnyctifu	sarmau                                                               (sour-stuff)
slanu1	rolgu2		 rolgu2
slanu2	rolfo	rolgyforma	*rolfoa	rolgyforma	slanytai                                                             (roller-form)
slari	sarni		 sarni
slasi	-----		 -----
sligu	saldi1		 saldi1
slilu	siltu1		 siltu1		muvysli
sliri	sulfa		*sulfo
slovo	-----		 -----
sluji	muslo		 muslo
sluni	-----		 -----
smacu	cmara	cmalyratcu	*cmarau	cmalyratcu	                                                                     (small-rat)
smadi	cakri	cansykrido	*cankri	cansykrido	                                                                     (random-believe)
smaji	santi		 santi
smani	murki		 murki
smoka	dzozo		*hozda
smuci	sputa		 sputa
smuni	nu sanpa		 nu sanpa		snismu, selsni                                                       (be_signified_by)
snada	suksi		 suksi
snanu	surla		*surdi		nanmau
snidu	sekmi		 sekmi
snime	snice		 snice
snipa	gomni		 gomni
snuji	-----		 -----
snura	tcura		*curca
snuti	canse3		 canse3		                                                                     (an event with happens by chance; i.e. random)
snuti	no nu modvi		 no nu modvi		                                                                     (an event not motivated)
sobde	-----		 -----
sodna	natri		*nadro		                                                                     (nadri in 1983)
sodva	-----		 -----
softo	-----		 -----
solji	galru		*?????		                                                                     (element word possibly deleted in favor of a borrowing)
solri	solra		 solra
sombo	sizdu	sidzydurzo	*sizduo	sidzydurzo	                                                                     (seed-do)
sonci	solda		 solda
sorcu	sordi		 sordi
sorgu	-----		 -----
sovda	negda		 negda
spaji1	fu stari		 fu stari		                                                                     (x3=fu is something done by x1 such that x1 surprises x2)
spaji2	tcaku2		 tcaku2		                                                                     (startle is equated to shock in L4/L5)
spali	palci		 palci		terspali
spano	spano		*spana/i/o
spati	panta		*herba
speni	merji		 merji
spisa	pisku		 pisku
spita	spana		*hospi		                                                                     (hospa in 1983)
spofu	broda		 broda
spoja	respa		*zbuma
spuda	dapli		 dapli
sputu	sputu		*spetu		molselpu'u                                                           (saliva)
sraji	verti		*vreti
sraku	kraju		 kraju
sralo	-----		 -----
srana	kanse		*perti
srasu	grasa		 grasa
srera	tsero1		 tsero1		selsre, cfila
srito	-----		 -----
sruma	tratcupe	tradytcurypenso	*tratcupeo	tradytcurypenso	                                                                     (true-picture-think; derived from tcupe/tcupeo picture-think = imagine)
sruri	djale1		*rinje		jinsru
stace	nesta		 nesta
stagi	tcipanpa	tcidypantyparte	*ciirhebpai	tcidyherbyparti	                                                                     (food-plant-part)
staku	-----		 -----
stali	stolo		 stolo
stani	stane		*staga
stapa	buste		 buste
stasu	supta		 supta
stati	clikanmo	clivykanmo	*livkanmo	clivykanmo	                                                                     (alive-able; glossed in L4 as biologically-able)
steba	-----		 -----
steci	spebi		 spebi
stedu1	tosku1		*hedto
stedu2	tozbo1		*tosku		sedbo'u
stedu3	tozbo2		*hedbongu	hedtybongu	sedbo'u                                                              (head-bone)
stela	laksu		*sluko
stero	-----		 -----
stici	lusta		 lusta		sicmau
stidi	sange		 sange
stika	stuli		 stuli
stizu	cirzi		*cersi
stodi1	sasta	saldystali	*saltai	saldystali	                                                                     (solid-stand)
stodi2	norce	no cenja	*norcea	no(r)cenja	                                                                     (not-change)
stuna	lesta		 lesta		sunmau
stura	fu ganli		 fu ganli		                                                                     (system_of-organization)
stura	truke2		 truke2		                                                                     (place structure/definition refers to "load-bearing";  i.e. similar to "greku", but usage in lujvo/Cpxs suggest that stura is the intended meaning)
stuzi	sitfa		 sitfa
sucta	fu rastisma	fu ra stisymadzo	*fu rarstemao	fu ra(r)stetymadzo	                                                                     (all-sentence-make = generalization)
sudga	grani		*drani		sudmau
sufti	-----		 -----
suksa	sudna		 sudna		sukmau
sumji	sumji		 sumji
sumne	sutsa	sutmysanse	*sutsae	sutmysanse	                                                                     (smell-sense)
sumti	-----		 -----
sunga	-----		 -----
sunla	lunli		 lunli
surla	-----		 -----
sutra	kukra		 kukra		sutmau
tabno	carbo		 carbo
tabra	-----		 -----
tadji1	durfo	durzyforma	*drufoa	durzyforma	                                                                     (do-form)
tadji2	bitfo	bivdyforma	*bivfoa	bivdyforma	                                                                     (behave-form)
tadni	stude		 stude		                                                                     (limited to university/college students; no discussion of words for other kinds of students)
tagji	djitu		 djitu		tagmau
talsa	-----		 -----
tamca	tomto		 tomto
tamji	dampu		*pudja
tamne1	terspaka	te spalykinci	*terpalkui	te(r)spalykunci	                                                                     (3-side-kin = first cousin, great-aunt/uncle)
tamne2	ferspaka	fe spalykinci	*ferpalkui	fe(r)spalykunci	                                                                     (5-side-kin = second-cousin, first cousin twice-removed)
tamne3	forspaka	fo spalykinci	*forpalkui	fo(r)spalykunci	                                                                     (4-side-kin - parent's cousin, first cousin once-removed)
tanbo	barta		 barta
tance	tongu		 tongu
tanjo	-----		 -----
tanko	bakco		*tabko		                                                                     (bakci in 1983)
tanru	-----		 -----
tansi	panba		 panba
tanxe	bakso		 bakso
tapla	-----		*kadta
tarbi	-----		 -----
tarci	tarci		 tarci		                                                                     (place structure limits to stars of some galaxy)
tarla	-----		 -----
tarmi	forma1		 forma1
tarti	bivdu		 bivdu
taske	-----		 -----
tatpi	tarle		 tarle
tatru	titfa		 titfa
tavla	takna		 takna
taxfu	resfu		 resfu
tcaci	kusmo		 kusmo
tcadu	sitci		 sitci
tcana	stana		 stana
tcati	tcati		 tcati
tcena	tetcu		 tetcu
tcica	mandu		*dupma
tcidu	nrile		*ridle
tcika	djosa	djorysanpa	*hotsaa	hortysanpa	                                                                     (hour-sign)
tcila	ditcu		*citlu
tcima	tetri		 tetri
tcini1	furckose	fu ckozysetci	*furckosei	fu(r)ckozysetci	                                                                     (causal_conditions-set)
tcini2	nurprase	nu prase	*nurpra	nu(r)prase	velru'e                                                              (stage/state of process)
tcita	-----		 -----
temci	ckemo		 ckemo
tenfa	-----		 -----
tengu	-----		 -----
terdi	terla		 terla
terpa	firpa		 firpa
terto	-----		 -----
tigni	konse		*?????		zgitigni                                                             (no generalized term; I-prim for "concert")
tikpa	kekti		 kekti
tilju	tidjo		 tidjo		tijmau
tinbe	kojdu	korjydurzo	*kojduo	korjydurzo	                                                                     (command-do)
tinci	sinta		*stino		                                                                     (snatu in 1983)
tinsa	stifa		 stifa		tinsymau
tirna	tirku		*hirti
tirse	ferno		*ferno		                                                                     (changed to fernu in 1983, then changed back)
tirxu	tigra		 tigra
tisna1	flati		 flati		                                                                     (inflate)
tisna2	krama	kralymadzo	*kromao	krolymadzo	                                                                     (flow-make = pour)
tisna3	kalfolma	kaplyfolmymadzo	*kalflomao	kaplyfolmymadzo	                                                                     (complete-full-make)
titla	sliti		 sliti		titmau
tivni	telvi		 telvi		ci'erveltivni                                                        (tv receiver in a system; presumably doesn't cover a tv that is not part of a system)
tixnu	detri		*detra
toknu	zavno		 zavno
toldi	-----		 -----
tonga	punso	punfysonda	*punfysoa	punfysonda	                                                                     (pure-sound)
tordu	corta		 corta		tormau
torni	torni		 torni
traji1	-----		*maksi		brarai                                                               (prim: maximum)
traji2	-----		*minmi		cmarai                                                               (prim: minimum)
trano	nitro		 nitro
trati	-----		 -----
trene	trena		 trena
tricu	tricu		 tricu
trina	trili		 trili
trixe	prire		 prire
troci	trati		 trati
tsali	forli		*forli		tsamau                                                               (changed to fotli in 1983, then changed back before 1989)
tsani	skati		 skati
tsapi	fu guzdo	fu gustydonsu	*fu gusdou	fu gustydonsu	                                                                     (used_to flavor-give)
tsiju	sidza		 sidza
tsina	stadi		 stadi		                                                                     (limited to performing stage of a theater)
tubnu	tubli		 tubli
tugni	togri		 togri
tujli	tulpa		*tulpa/i		                                                                     (listed as tulpi in prims list, tulpa in borrowings list, in 1989 Loglan 1; in 1974/5 it was tulpa; in 1983 tulpi)
tumla	landi		 landi
tunba1	-----		*sibli
tunba2	brame	bradymetri	*brusoe	brudysorme	                                                                     (brother-sister)
tunba3	nerspaka	ne spalykanci	*nerpalkui	ne spalykunci	                                                                     (1-side-kin)
tunka	cupri		 cupri
tunlo	-----		*snalo
tunta	-----		 -----
tuple	tugle		 tugle
turni	garni		 garni
tutci	trime		 trime
tutra	gunla	guntylandi	*gunlai	guntylandi	                                                                     (country-land)
vacri	kerti		 kerti
vajni	djipo		 djipo
valsi	purda		 purda
vamji	vatli		*vatlu		selterva'i                                                           (x2/x3 switch)
vamtu	vamtu		 vamtu
vanbi	-----		 -----
vanci	bisna	bistynatli	*pasnai	paskynatli	                                                                     (before-night)
vanju	djino		*vinjo
vasru	veslo		 veslo
vasxu	brute		 brute
vecnu	vedma		 vedma
venfu	-----		 -----
vensa	dotfu	dotryfutci	*dotfui	dotryfutci	                                                                     (winter-after)
verba	nirbo	nirlybotci	*nilboi	nirlybotci	                                                                     (girl-boy)
vibna1	konbi		 konbi		                                                                     (doesn't distinguish between vagina and vulva)
vidni	-----		 -----
vidru	-----		 -----
vifne	frese		 frese		vifmau
vikmi	-----		 -----
viknu	nu cutli	nu cutryclika	*nu cuicli	nu cutryclika	selvikmau                                                            (out water-liked)
vimcu	tokna2		 tokna2
vimcu	muvma	muvdymadzo	*muvmao	muvdymadzo	                                                                     (move-make)
vindu	vendu		 vendu
vinji	fletcabo	fletytcarybotci	*fletcabou	fletytcarybotci	                                                                     (fly-car-boat; built from tcabo/tcabou car-boat = vehicle)
vipsi	-----		 -----
virnu	briga		 briga		vrimau
viska	kanvi		*vizka
vitci	nulri	nu rilri	*nuryrii	nu(r)yrilri	vitmau                                                               (out_regulared_by)
vitke1	-----		*gesko
vitke2	kusto	kusfystolo	*haasto	hasfystolo	                                                                     (house-stay)
vitke3	kanka	kanvykamla	*vizkaa	vizkykamla	                                                                     (see-come)
vitke4	fu dongaske	fu donsygacpyckemo	*fu donhapcke	fu donsyhapcyckemo	                                                                     (x3 of give-happy-time = party guest)
vitno	racke	ra ckemo	*rarkeo	ra(r)ckemo	                                                                     (all-time)
vlagi	konbi2		 konbi2		                                                                     (doesn't distinguish between vagina and vulva)
vlile	valna		 valna		vilfra
vlina	-----		 -----
vlipa	lilpa		*porli
vofli	fleti		 fleti		voikla
voksa	volsi		 volsi
vorme	darto		 darto		vrogai, vrobi'u                                                      (the covering or obstruction rather than the doorway/gateway)
vraga	-----		 -----
vreji	rirda		 rirda
vreta	resto		 resto
vrici	-----		 -----
vrude	gutka	gudbykakto	*gudkao	gudbykakto	vu'ezma                                                              (good-act)
vrusi	gusto		 gusto
vukro	-----		 -----
xabju1	sicli	sitfyclivi	*sitlii	sitfyclivi	                                                                     (site-live; live at a location)
xabju2	spaci	spasyclivi	*spalii	spasyclivi	vabyxa'u                                                             (space-live; live in habitat/region)
xadba	-----		 -----
xadni	korti		 korti
xagji	-----		 -----
xagri	-----		 -----
xajmi	kamki		 kamki
xaksu	-----		 -----
xalbo	-----		 -----
xalka	jinti	djinyctifu	*vincti	vinjyctifu	                                                                     (wine-material)
xalni	panko		*panki
xamgu	gudbi		 gudbi		xagmau
xampo	-----		 -----
xamsi	mursi		 mursi
xance	condu		*hanco
xanka	nervo		*nervo		                                                                     (narvo in 1983, changed back in 1987, status uncertain since omitted in 1991 list (see Lojban nirna))
xanri	nu tcupe	nu tcurypenso	*nu tcupeo	nu tcurypenso	                                                                     (be picture-thought)
xanto	-----		 -----
xarci	tarmu		 tarmu
xarju	porju		 porju
xarnu	durfa	durzyfanpo	*drupozfa	durzypozfa	                                                                     (do-oppose; place structure limits to stubbornness opposing an action suggested by another)
xasli	-----		 -----
xasne	-----		 -----
xatra	lerci		 lerci
xatsi	-----		 -----
xazdo	-----		 -----
xebni	tsodi		 tsodi
xebro	-----		 -----
xecto	-----		*hekto
xedja	tcina		 tcina		xejyji'o, firni'a, firko'a
xekri	nigro		 nigro		xe'izma
xelso	-----		*helna/i/o
xendo	ckano		 ckano		se selxe'ozma
xenru	kedri	kecrydriki	*keidri	kecrydriki	                                                                     (sad-remember)
xexso	-----		 -----
xindo	lindi/u		*hinda/i/o
xinmo	tinmo		 tinmo
xirma	korma		*horma
xislu	krilu		 krilu
xispo	-----		 -----
xlali	zavlo		 zavlo		xlamau
xlura	jucko	jupnyckozu	*juicko	jupnyckozu	ji'ixlu                                                              (opine-cause)
xotli	kotli		*hotle
xrabo	-----		 -----
xrani	surna		 surna
xriso	-----		 -----
xruba	-----		 -----
xruki	-----		 -----
xrula	flora		 flora
xruti1	fando	fanrydonsu	*fandou	fanvydonsu	seldu'axru                                                           (reverse-give; give back)
xruti2	fango	fanrygotso	*fangoi	fanvygodzi	mu'uxru, klaxru, sezyxrukla                                          (reverse-go; go back)
xruti3	fansu	fanrysundi	*fansui	fanvysundi	be'ixru                                                              (reverse-send; send back)
xukmi	ckemi		*kemdi		cuvyxu'i
xunre	redro		 redro
xurdo	-----		 -----
xusra1	forcu	forlycutse	*folcue	forlycutse	                                                                     (strong-say)
xusra2	tracu	tradycutse	*tracue	tradycutse	                                                                     (true-say)
xusra3	djacu	djanycutse	*djacue	djanycutse	                                                                     (know-say)
xutla	pismu		*smupi		xulmau
zabna	-----		 -----
zajba	gimna		 gimna
zalvi	zakra		 zakra
zanru	prusa		 prusa
zarci	marke		*marte
zargu	rirgu		 rirgu
zasni	nurstomo	nu stolymordu	*nurstomou	nu(r)stolymordu	revme'a, zasmau                                                      (out stayed-more)
zasti	dzabi		 dzabi
zbabu	dzaso		 dzaso
zbani	banbe		 banbe
zbasu1	madzo		 madzo		                                                                     (the Lojban is NOT used for agentive causation; this error is idiomatic in other Loglan versions, making madzo more akin to Lojban gasnu or zukte)
zbasu2	balci2		 balci2		di'uzba                                                              (the place structure of balci is identical to that of madzo; however, its English translation suggests that it is limited to erection and construction of buildings/edifices)
zbepi	basni2		 basni2
zdani1	kusfa		*hasfa
zdani2	nensu		 nensu
zdile	cmiza		 cmiza		selzdi
zekri	tsime		 tsime
zenba	tenri		 tenri		selterselte'a                                                        (x2/x3 switch)
zepti	-----		 -----
zetro	-----		 -----
zgana	katca		 katca		vi'azga                                                              (apparently limited to visual observation)
zgike	muzgi		 muzgi
zifre	frezi		 frezi
zinki	zinko		 zinko
zirpu	-----		*purpu		                                                                     (added after 1974-5, but before 1983)
zivle	prapo	pralyspopa	*ralspo	pralyspopa	                                                                     (profit-hope)
zmadu	mordu		 mordu
zmiku	tomti		*tomki		zmimau
zukte	kakto		 kakto
zumri	mismi		*misme
zungi	zafkakfi	zavlykaktyfilmo	*zafkaofio	zavlykaktyfilmo	                                                                     (bad-act-feel)
zunle	ledzo		 ledzo
zunti	-----		 -----
zutse	skitu		 skitu
zvati	djiri		*hijra