Module:Br separated entries

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local p = {}

local function _main( args )

   local sep = '
' local lastsep local t = {} for i, v in ipairs( args ) do table.insert( t, v ) if mw.ustring.match( v, '%S' ) then table.insert( t, sep ) lastsep = #t end end if lastsep then table.remove( t, lastsep ) end return table.concat( t )


function p.main( frame )

   local origArgs
   if frame == mw.getCurrentFrame() then
       -- We're being called via #invoke. If the invoking template passed any arguments,
       -- use them. Otherwise, use the arguments that were passed into the template.
       origArgs = frame:getParent().args
       for k, v in pairs( frame.args ) do
           origArgs = frame.args
       -- We're being called from another module or from the debug console, so assume
       -- the arguments are passed in directly.
       origArgs = frame
   -- Use integer args only, and allow for explicit positional arguments
   -- that are specified out of order, e.g. entry3.
   -- After processing, the args can be accessed accurately from ipairs.
   local args = {}
   for k, v in pairs( origArgs ) do
       if type( k ) == 'number' and k >= 1 and math.floor( k ) == k then
           table.insert( args, k )
   table.sort( args )
   for i,v in ipairs( args ) do
       args[ i ] = origArgs[ v ]
   return _main( args )


return p