lojban web-related terminology

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  • Network
    • seltcana -- network in the most general possible sense; a collection of nodes.
    • samseltcana-- computer network.
  • Session
  • Content (text, images, sound)
    • selsku -- anything expressed; seems to work only for things that carry meaning?
  • Media/medium, information channel (anything that conveys information)
    • velsku -- a medium of expression
    • xelcku -- the medium of a document or book
    • samymri -- email
    • se samymri -- email message
  • Software
    • samtci -- most general, software in general
  • Web Page
    • joncku -- a presented hypertext document
  • Hypertext
    • se joncku -- a document with links
  • Hyperlink
  • Webring
    • balcukta clupa Webring (mutce zmanei zo clupa zo cukla) (la'acu'i zo linsi mapti ji'a) .i ku'i ma se linsi i lei stuzi poi jonsi'u cu se linsi
    • These wiki pages seem to use skamrxuebe cukla (see the bottom of any page)... and the links are wrong, too: webring no longer belongs to Yahoo!. --pne
  • Troll