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Community Portal - how to get involved

The Community portal is a place to find collaborations and tasks waiting for you to jump in. Some tasks do not need Lojbanic skills at all. You may also be interested in Learning portal.

A comprehensive index of ongoing projects is available too.

Fill gaps in the vocabulary

  • List out and define every sense of the word "balance" with regards to finances

Create media in or translate media to Lojban

  • We need more lesson videos on our YouTube account
  • We need video bloggers.
    • There is a whole bunch of footage from jbonunsla that needs editing
    • There's a project going right now to translate the first pokemon game and it could be fully finished in no time flat if there was help.
  • Created something? Brag about it!

Teach classes

  • Have them say hello and provide input on how the learning materials are working for them. As a teacher, let us know what's working for you to teach newbies.

Work on the CLL