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  • cAbna ma (happening simultaneously with what, or when?)
  • zvAti ma (at which event location, or where?)
  • ma djUno gAsnu (who?/what? is the knowledge cause)
  • cIksi fo ma (explanation, or description)


Lokadin's First Time

  • cAbna ma spring of 2006
  • zvAti ma irc.freenode.net #haskell
  • ma dJUno gAsnu shapr (channel regular)
  • cIksi fo ma

The first time I heard about Lojban was on irc.freenode.net in #haskell, if I recall correctly shapr mentioned it to me when I was trying to describe the project I was working on, which is now in the progress of becoming the We With You Network, http://lokiworld.org. A node would consit of a computer with a programming language based on Lojban, coupled with fully dynamic lojban predicate functions, and a heavy dose of AI. Joining together to become a fully distributed network like Freenet http://freenetproject.org (get freenet, frost, and join the Lojban board, from there we will plan our Lojban marketing conquest of the world -- first step: making Lojban attitudinals Hip and Cool, use them everywhere! start now .ui.aisai http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Lojban/Attitudinals .o'a I'm sure will do well]

Timonator's First Time

  • cabna ma some time ago. don't remember
  • zvati ma [email protected]
  • ma djuno gasnu can't remember.

The first time i learned about Lojban was when two guys in the Psi (a jabber client) conference room were talking about the Dvorak keyboard layout when one of the guys claimed that "typing lojban in Dvorak would make you the ultra geek" or something like that. From there i went to Wikipedia and due to the really good and exhaustive German Wikipedia article on Lojban landed on the irc channel. The rest is of no real interest to anyone I'd suppose ;)

Mirhagk's First Time

  • cabna ma About a month or two ago
  • zvati ma http://xkcd.com
  • ma djuno gasnu can't remember.

I was just reading some xkcd comics and read about lojban, so I wikipedia'd it, and it sounded interesting enough, so I came here, started reading lojban lesson 0, then started reading through lojban for beginners.

Iesk's first time

  • ni'o cabna ma .i la pasosobinan. ju'oru'e .i la xunre cukta ku zasti
  • ni'o zvati ma .i la rutpextcad. zo'o (to ne lo berti gugdedu'e toi)
  • ni'o ma djuno gasnu .i la biorn. goi by.
  • ni'o ciksi fi ma

.i kansa zutse ne'i lo gusta be lo ga'arpatlu gi'e citka gi'e tavla fi lo runbau .i mi co'a cilre fi lo bangepu'o .i ba'anai by. mutce zanru la lojban. gi'e ciksi .i .u'i mi jimpe ji'i no da ly. .i ku'i mi co'a se cinri .i ca lo go'i mi na jorne pe'a la .internet. .i bazubo mi di'a za'e sezyjungau gi'e co'a tadni .i caca'o tadni

mu'o mi'e .iesk.