LLG 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

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LLG 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

Minutes for this meeting have not yet been compiled or reviewed, but here is an unofficial summary of some significant details. A transcript of the 2018 meeting channel is available.

The meeting was conducted on the framateam forum (channel: llg-members-meeting-2018) and called to order by president Karen Stein on October 4, 2018 and adjourned July 11, 2019.

Roll call

  • Karen Stein
  • Ali Sajid Imami
  • Jorge Llambías
  • Pierre Abbat
  • Nora Lechevalier
  • Robert Lechevalier
  • Veijo Vilva
  • gleki
  • ilmen
  • And Rosta

Riley Martinez-Lynch, Curtis Franks, and Robin Lee Powell joined the meeting some time afterwards.

Non-members xanri, Robotee Deither, John Cowan, ueslis, Andrew Browne, uakci, and zazypap also were present at or about the beginning of the meeting. BookOfPortals/eris, greg_g, apieum, junpen, and solpahi participated later.

New members

  • ueslis
  • bookofportals

Resigning members

  • Alex Burka

Board election

And Rosta was elected as a director, and the rest of the directors were re-elected:

  • Arkadii Balandin
  • Curtis Franks
  • Ali Sajid Imami
  • Bob LeChevalier
  • Riley Martinez-Lynch
  • And Rosta
  • Karen Stein