LLG 1996 Annual Meeting Announcement

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Posted by lojbab to lojban, July 14, 1996:

LogFest 96, the annual gathering of the Logical Language Group, will be held the weekend of 10-11 August in Fairfax VA at my house (accessible via subway from the train and bus stations and from National Airport - see address below). The start and stop are fairly informal; people typical have begun arriving on the Friday night and some stay into Monday. Most people who come from out of town bring or borrow sleeping bags or spare couches - that is when they get around to sleeping: things tend to keep going till rather late hours. We ask people who come to contribute money to defray the cost of the affair, but such contribution remains optional. Attendance has typically been between 15 and 30 people, and we expect the same this year.

There will be conversation in and discussion about Lojban, of course. High points of the discussion will probably be the impending publication of John Cowan's Lojban reference grammar (still untitled: suggestions are welcome), policies for the language baseline, and moving beyond bookwriting to building an active Lojban community - including finally getting started on funded linguistics and language processing research.

We will also try to carry on our tradition of involving the worldwide Lojban community through Lojban conversation on the net via IRC - times to be arranged. (Colin, Nick, Veijo, Jorge, and anyone else please speak up as to what your time constraints are).

The formal annual meeting of the members of the Logical Language Group, Inc. will be on Sunday 11 August at 1030AM (EDT). The agenda (other than following bylaw requirements) is going to be determined by whatever the members want to discuss, but finances of book publishing is one likely topic. Voting membership in the organization is limited primarily by our need to keep the organization legally sound, but the meeting has traditionally welcomed the participation of all who attend LogFest, and LogFest attendees have typically been welcomed into voting membership.

Please contact me if you are coming from out of town so we can plan logistics.