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Hangul orthography for Lojban.


General notes

  • Lee Min-Ji:
    Obviously Hangul is unsuited to be a Lojban orthography, but it does pose an interesting challenge.
  • Does anyone know about IKPA : Internationnal Korean Phonetic Alphabet ? Look at this. It can almost replace IPA, and certainly display all the lojban phonetic diversity.
    • But we seem to lost the syllabic bloc feature, and that's I think where a work can be done to restore it, although IKPA wasn't though to be used this way.
    • la brabenvaxda'u balsoi:
      I'm sure it is closer to a proper logic writing system for a logic language than every attempt ever made. Pei'pei
  • A Hangul orthography is sheer foolishness, because Hangul doesn't work well for most languages except Korean.
    • sanxiyn.:
      You're right in this, pe'i


  • The falling dipthongs are a problem, because there's no ii or uu. So is y.
    • pne:
      What about for y?
      • sanxiyn:
        No. y is exact match of ㅓ.


  • There is no character for initial b, c, d, g, j, l or z, though some characters that are used for sounds sot found in Lojban can be used for these purposes, like the "iu" series or the "ssang" series.
    • sanxiyn.:
      Same is true for English, but there is nonetheless Korean orthography for it. Maybe we can imitate it.
    • Also, it will be hard to fit in the . or the ' if it occurs in a syllable.
      • sanxiyn.:
        Apostrophe ' must be ㅎ pe'i