FOSDEM 2019 Meetup

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We're having a meetup at FOSDEM 2019, 2 and 3 Feb., in Brussels, BE, at the Campus Solbosch of the ULB. Some of us have attended previous editions, but this time we want to do it in a more organized way to have more Lojbanists attending.

FOSDEM is a free event for developers, users and enthousiasts to meet one another. The program features various talks from the main track and subject-specific tracks, as well as lightning talks. Various stands can also be found in the K, H and AW buildings.

There's no need to formally register for the meetup, but it isn't a bad idea to announce you're coming.

It's recommended, not just for the meetup, but for FOSDEM in general, to bring:

  • a backpack
  • laptop with charger (or at least a smartphone with a powerbank)
  • beverages, some snacks (queues can be long)
  • cash (it's usually not possible to pay by card, but there's an ATM on the campus)
  • jacket (Belgian Februaries tend to be rainy, and you'll be outside quite often when changing buildings), but most rooms are rather warm, so make sure it can be easily taken off
  • if you're planning on visiting any talks, you should definitely make a planning in advance.

If you have any questions regarding the meetup, join the chat or ask la poros at pcy _ ulyssis _ org (antispam: replace the underscores with @ and .)