English with Epistemic Modality

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English with Epistemic Modality is a conlang created by a conlanger vfaronov in 2013.

Basically, it's just English with additional words:

prould /prʊd/ ‘it is generally known’
silt /sɪlt/ ‘I assume’
wint /wɪnt/ ‘I observe directly’
quane /kweɪn/ ‘I was told’
rill /ɹɪl/ ‘the circumstances are such that I think (but I don't bet)’
seught /seɪt/ ‘the circumstances are such that I think but I may doubt’
sunt /sʌnt/ ‘It's true for my mental condition but may be not true for other people’
deigh /deɪ/ ‘must for the common good’
mant /mænt/ ‘must for my own good’
lunt /lʌnt/ ‘must for the benefit of us’
goave /ɡəʊv/ ‘just a guess, just guessing at random’
oigh /oɪ/ ‘Well, I don't bet it, think just as you like’


“I am reporting live from Los Angeles where the first real aliens wint be landing right now! You lunt stay with us for this historic event!”
(≈ you better stay but less formal)
“Aliens? But aliens prould not exist! This silt be a hoax!”

Aliens prould not exist.
Aliens don't exist, period.

Aliens rill not exist.
Aliens as far as I know don't exist. But I don't know for sure. Maybe they exist. What, does the TV say there are?

Aliens seught not exist.
Well, aliens don't exist, don't they?

Aliens oigh not exist.
Oh those invented one more thing. I don't care of scientists, I don't to hear anything, aliens don't exist.

“Sylvia wint have been here, around 10 in the morning.”

“A-and... We’re getting reports from the Alien Welcoming Committee right now... The aliens quane be communicating in Morse code on a military frequency”

“Pete, frankly, your hairstyle sunt suck.”

“Abortions deigh not be allowed in a civilized country. God Himself quane say so, for it wint be written in the Holy Book.”

“Da-ad, what’s this strange light in the sky-y?” — “Uh... dunno honey... goave be a plane.”

“I’ve reviewed your article and it sunt mostly be okay... but the paragraph on ‘possible extraterrestrial influence’ mant be rewritten.”
(≈ if I were you I would rewrite it)