ELG: words for emotions and attitude

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se spaji = x1 is surprised of x2

terpa = x1 fears x2

xanka = x1 is nervous/anxious about x2 (abstraction) under conditions x3.

anste = x1 feels existential Angst

glamura = x1 is glamorous


se pluka


ctali = x1 feels that chin-stroking moment often accompanied by a frown on x1's face, when x1 gets to know an idea x2 that x1'd never thought of and thus x1 has a moment of suddenly seeing possibilities x1 never saw before; x1 has an externally-induced feeling/sense of contemplation/re-evaluation upon discovering or hearing of x2 (an option/alternative not previously considered stereotypically accompanied by scratching x1's chin and/or frowning while uttering a prolonged "hmm"). Etymology: zo'oi ašţal valsi lo ctali fi la itkuile