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Lojban (pronounced as [ˈloʒban]) is a new cool language.

It is a constructed language based on so called predicate logic which makes it kind of a bridge between different languages and cultures.

Lojban, the Odyssey to our Universe.

What is unique about this language? All natural grown languages have inner drawbacks like complications in grammar rules, biases and restrictions that discourage other ways of thinking.

Lojban is designed to free us from these restrictions and see the world brighter.

Here are its advantages:

  • Lojban speech allows you to say things shorter without unnecessary distracting details. For example, you don't have to always think of what tense (past, present or future) to use in a verb when it's already clear from context. When you need details you add them. But unlike other languages Lojban doesn't force you to do so.
  • Lojban has unprecedented tools for expressing human emotions.
  • Lojban is made consistent and easy to extend. There are no exclusions in grammar. There are nice ways of extending existing vocabulary.

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Lojban is an endless journey

Being carefully worked-out in design by its creators this language accurately and precisely reveals the delicate aspects of logic and our mentality.

  • Lojban is clean, simple, and with all these advantages powerful language. Why not start speaking it?
  • Lojban is for artists that would adore expressing tiny details of human emotions
  • Lojban is for lovers of wisdom (philosophers, in the original sense)
  • Lojban is for scientists that like all concepts to be put in a concise system.
  • Lojban is the best tool for implementing machine automatic translation. Still it's a speakable language.
  • Lojban breaks the barrier of misunderstanding of people with different background.
  • Lastly, Lojban is also fun !

Lojban is easy to learn - the number of root words is only 1341. Not that much to learn to start speaking!