BPFK gismu Proposal: gletu

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During a (lengthy) conversation on IRC on October 2nd, 2007, the following issues with gletu were determined:

  • The restriction to two parties is unnecessary.
    • This is an issue common to many other gismu (penmi, jorne, kansa, tunba, simsa, dunli, frica, ...). One way to deal with it is with -si'u. glesi'u: x1 (group) have sex together.
  • The note about x1 and x2 being symmetrical should be adjusted to something like "active partner unspecified" to allow for words that build from gletu for acts that are asymmetrical in nature.
    • It only means that if A gletu B, then B gletu A. It doesn't mean that if A brodygletu B, then B brodygletu A, or that if A glebroda B, then B glebroda A. A gismu meaning x1 does to x2 action x3, where x1 is the agent and x2 the patient for any action would be useful though.