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The film "elephants dream" was produced by the Orange Open Movie Project, and is liscenced under Creative Commons Attribution. Their website is [1]. This script is based on the script from their website, slightly adjusted to match the actual lines used in the movie.

||Speaker|English original|Lojban Translation

|Elephants Dream| xanto senva

Scene 1: Prologue

Proog|At the- At the left we can see...|zu'aku mi'o ka'e viska

|We can see...|.i mi'o ka'e viska

|At the right we can see the head snarlers|.i ri'uku mi'o ka'e viska loi stedu jgenygau

|Everything is safe|.i roda snura

|Perfectly safe|.i prane snura

|Emo?|.i be'e .imos.

Scene 2: Switchboard Trap

Proog|Emo?|.i be'e .imos.

Emo|What's happening?|ma ca'o fasnu

Proog|Are you hurt?|xu do se xrani

Emo|I don't think so.. you?|na go'i .i xu do go'i

Proog|I'm Ok|mi se xamgu

|Get up, Emo. It's not safe here...|.i ko sraji doi .imos. .i vi na snura

|Let's go|.i ko jo'u mi klama

Emo|What's next?|ca pu'o mo

Proog|You'll see. You'll see|do ba zgana .i do ja'a go'i

Scene 3:Telephone/Lecture

Proog|Emo, This way|doi .imos. ti farna

|Follow me!|.i mi lidne ko

|Hurry, Emo!|.i ko sutra doi .imos.

|You're not paying attention!|.i do na jundi

Emo| I just want to answer the phone|mi po'o djica le nu frati le fonxa

Proog|Emo, look, I mean listen!|doi .imos. ko catlu si tirna

|You have to learn to listen|.i do bilga lo nu tadni lo nu tirna

|This is not some game|.i ti na keiterjva

|You, I mean we, could easily die out here|.i do si mi'o vi ka'e frili morsi fasnu

|Listen, listen to the sounds of the machine|.i ko tirna .i ko tirna le sance be le minji

|Listen to your breathing|.i ko tirna le do zu'o vasxu


Scene 4: Typewriter

Emo|Well, don't you ever get tired of this?|xu do ru'inai binxo tatpi ti

Proog|Tired?!?|zo tatpi

|Emo, the machine is like- like clockwork|doi .imos. le minji cu simlu lo terveljunla

|One move out of place...|.i da'i lo nu do kalsa muvdu kei

|And you're ground to a pulp| cu rinka lo nu marxa do lo termarxa

Emo|But isn't it -|ki'u xu

Proog|Pulp, Emo!|lo termarxa doi .imos.

|Is that what you want, pulp?|.i xu do djica la'e di'u .i lo termarxa

|Emo, your goal in life?|doi .imos. xu do zukte lo lifri la'e di'u

|Pulp! (very strong echo)|.i lo termarxa

Scene 5: Proog shows Emo stuff

Proog|Emo, close your eyes|ko ga'orbi'o le do kanla

Emo|Why?|mu'i mo

Proog|Now!|ko cabna gasnu



|What do you see at your left side, Emo?|zu'a do do viska ma doi .imos.



Proog|Really?|xu go'i

Emo|No, nothing at all|ja'a go'i noda

Proog|And at your right,|ri'u do mo

|What do you see at your right side, Emo?|ri'u do do viska ma doi .imos.

Emo|The same Proog, exactly the same|mintu doi .prug. satci mintu

|Nothing!|.i noda


Scene 6: Which way

Emo|Listen Proog! Do you hear that! Can we go here?|ko tirna doi .prug. .i xu do tirna ta .i xu mi'o curmi klama ta

Proog|There..? It isn't safe, Emo|zoi ta .i ta na snura doi .imos.


Proog|Trust me, it's not|ko lacri mi sera'a la'e di'u

Emo|Maybe I could go...|mi cumki klama






Proog|Any further questions?|xu di'u mo'a preti

Emo|No.|na go'i

Scene 7:Emo flips out

Proog|Emo|doi .imos.


Proog|Emo, why?|doi .imos. ri'a mo

|Emo, why, why can't you see the beauty of this place?|.i doi .imos. ri'a mo .i ri'a ma do na jimpe lo ka melbi be fa lo ti stizu kei

|The way it works... how- how perfect it is|.e lo ka sazri tadji kei .e lo ka prane

Emo|No, Proog, I don't see!| na go'i doi .prug. mi na jimpe

|I don't see because there's nothing there!| mi na viska ri'a na zasti

|And why should I trust my life to something that isn't there?|.i ri'a ma mi ba lacri lo na zasti le mi ka jmive

|Can you tell me that?|.i xu do ka'e ctuca mi la'e di'u


Emo|Answer me!!|.i ko spuda mi

Scene 8: Emo creates

Emo|Proog, you're a sick man|.i doi .prug. do bilma nanmu


Emo|Stay away from me|.i ko rivbi mi


|No!! Emo! It's a trap!|.e'anaisai .imos. .i terkavbu

Emo|It's a trap|.i terkavbu

|At the left side you can see...|zu'a mi'o ka'e viska

|The hanging gardens of Babylon!|lei dunda purdi pe la .babylan.

|How's that for a trap?|.i xu la'e di'u terkavbu

Proog|No, Emo|.e'anaisai .imos.

Emo|At your right side you can see...|.i ri'u mi'o ka'e viska la cridakolosos pe la .rodes.

|Guess what! the colossus of Rhodes!|ko smadi la .kalasas. pe la .rodes.

|The colossus of Rhodes and it is here just for you Proog|la cridakolosos pe la .rodes. zvati tepi'o do doi .prug.

|Just for you|tepi'o do

Proog|It is there|ja'a zasti

|I'm telling you, Emo|du'o mi doi .imos.

|It is. It is|je'a je'a