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obin's essay contains a proposal that the BPFK should be guided by principles on what the purpose of the Lojban language is.

Ideally, we should have a document that is precise and unambiguous, and that everyone finds, if not perfect, then at least acceptable.

On this page, we outline a process for compiling such a document.

1. Summarizing earlier statements of purpose, and arguments thereof

    • Elephant metaphor (Summary: Lojban is different to everyone, and thus has no single, unified goal)

2. Writing up descriptions of contemporary goals

To the extent that they have not already been clearly described.

3. Determining the ranking of the goals

4. Any other work


NB hierarchical, but (as yet) unranked

  • Usable by humans LL
    • Simple to learn LL
  • Computer-tractable LL 1
  • Based on predicate logic LL 1
  • Enable unambiguous expressions
    • Have an unambiguous grammar LL
    • Audiovisual isomorphism
      • Phonetic spelling LL
    • Self-segregation (that a valid speech stream can only be segmented into words in one way) LL
  • No exceptions to the rules LL
  • Remove restrictions on creative and clear thought and communication LL
  • Be suitable for testing the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis .1
  • “Metaphysical parsimony”, have as few obligatory categories as possible 1
  • Be suitable as an IAL 1
  • Be interesting and mentally stimulating 1
  • Cultural neutrality LL