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On the cessative aspect: My understanding is that {co'u} doesn't imply what "I am quitting eating mangoes" does. It's more like "I stopped eating the mango" (implying incompleteness, probably due to interruption) Spheniscine (talk) 21:00, 26 madjio 2015 (PDT)

other findings

accidental aspect in Malay

1) Ahmed terbaling bola kepada Ali.

Ahmad ter.throw ball to Ali 1sg meN.throw ball to John
'Ahmad accidentally threw the ball to Ali.' 

2) Saya membaling bola kepada John. 'I (intentionally) threw the ball to John.'

3) Sayur-sayuran ini terpotong.

Vegetables this ter.cut
'These vegetables are cut.'

4) *Saya terlajar puisi ini.

1sg ter.learn poem this
'I accidentally learned this poem'

5) Komputer itu terosak (*oleh seseorang).

Computer that ter.broken
'The computer's broken (*by someone).'

6) *Sayur-sayuran sedang terpotong.

Vegetables PROG ter.cut
'The vegetables are being cut.'

7) Dia sedang terjatuh.

He PROG ter.fall
'He's falling.'

8) Ahmed terbaling bola.

Ahmed ter.throw ball
'Ahmed accidentally threw the ball.'

9) Pintu itu terbuka.

Door that
'The door is opened