the Difference Between Logical and Non-Logical Connectives

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[20:07] <vensa> Question: how come there are a seperate set of logical connectives for sumti and tanru (eks and jeks), yet the same *non-logical* connective can be used with sumti and tanru?

[20:08] <rlpowell> yacc deficiencies.

[20:08] <rlpowell> When you use the non-logical connectives with sumti in the official parser or jbofihe, you have to terminate the sumti.

[20:09] <rlpowell> An obviously unacceptable thing for something like {.e}

[20:09] <vensa> .y

[20:09] <vensa> I dont get it?

[20:09] <rlpowell> Which part?

[20:09] <vensa> why is it *obviously* unacceptable?

[20:10] <rlpowell> To have to say {le klama ku .e ...} ?

[20:10] <vensa> becuz it's used more often?

[20:11] <selpa`i> Hi

[20:11] <rlpowell> it's used all over the place, yes.

[20:11] <rlpowell> It's a bad place to waste syllables.

[20:11] <vensa> I understand

[20:11] <vensa> coi selpa'i

[20:11] <rlpowell> It gets worse when it's a {le nu} or something.