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==== [[jbocre: malglico|malglico]] (The following is a static copy of [,] which see for updates.) ====
''Meta-comment: I think such copying an exceedingly bad idea; a cross-reference should surely have been enough, and would have prevented drift between the two versions of the same text -- [[User:Nick Nicholas|nitcion]].'' [[jbocre: I only did it because they erased the category it was in...|I only did it because they erased the category it was in...]] ''The internal structure of the wiki is beside the point; the link to MalGlico still works...''
Malglico is a LojbanLanguage term, best translated as ****ing English, used to refer to uses of the LojbanLanguage which actually fit better with the EnglishLanguage and are obvious examples of AmericanCulturalAssumption. Malglico uses of the LojbanLanguage are not tolerated by its speakers, as LojbanLanguage is trying to be a CulturallyNeutralLanguage. Malglico uses of it prevent such CulturalNeutrality.
* ''Actually, I would bet that by the time such words like ''malxurdo'' would begin to appear, ''malglico'' would evolve to a more general term: it currently means making faulty English in Lojban, and would probably evolve to mean making faulty Lojban, period. Then again, it's also possible to use ''malprenu'', or some-such, as well.''
* [[User:Nick Nicholas ick|nitcion ick]] used "charmingly maldotco" to describe [[Zamenhof|Zamenhof]]'s style in writing [[jbocre: Esperanto|Esperanto]]; of course, this is not a use ''within'' Lojban yet.
* If it's charming, it's certainly not mabla. Maybe something like "charmingly dotydu'e" would be better.
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