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* ''Actually, I would bet that by the time such words like ''malxurdo'' would begin to appear, ''malglico'' would evolve to a more general term: it currently means making faulty English in Lojban, and would probably evolve to mean making faulty Lojban, period. Then again, it's also possible to use ''malprenu'', or some-such, as well.''
* [[User:Nick Nicholas ick|nitcion ick]] used "charmingly maldotco" to describe [[jbocre: Zamenhof|Zamenhof]]'s style in writing [[jbocre: Esperanto|Esperanto]]; of course, this is not a use ''within'' Lojban yet.
* If it's charming, it's certainly not mabla. Maybe something like "charmingly dotydu'e" would be better.
Correcting someone is not the same as flaming. If people aren't corrected, the road to good language use will be much harder. Also, I have yet to see someone say ''"please don't correct me; I'm just beginning."''
''I recommend you check out the Klingon mailing list some time. Some are gentle with beginners, some not --- but all firmly insist on correctness. Beginners' posts are prefixed with KLBG, and are to be first responded to by the list's Beginners' Grammarian; then they're open season. (Jumping in to correct a beginner is regarded as breach of etiquette.) [[jbocre: Yes, you can guess who I am|Yes, you can guess who I am]]''
''How obnoxiously hierarchically Klingon!''
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