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The Lojban Reference Grammar

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CLLv1.1 is fully available.
<span style="color: red>'''PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS AN OLD VERSION.''' The current version is linked from [[The Complete Lojban Language]].</span>
This is the pre-final version of the Lojban reference grammar, and has some typos. This document is available for sale as [[The Complete Lojban Language|The Complete Lojban Language]].
Another version of the reference grammar is available [http://dagmw.githublojban.comorg/extensions/cll/ here]. This version contains various fixes as pointed out in the errata page.
A [[jbocre: CLL Beginner's Order|CLL Beginner's Order]] has been proposed for the reading of the reference grammar as a primary learning material.
Anyone interested is urged to read the book and send comments to [mailto:[email protected] John Cowan] at <[email protected]>.

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