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XS gadri proposal: And's version

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== 'XS' gadri proposal (And's version -- 'XS&') ==
**I know it is not what it means in XSA and am trying to figure what it ''does'' mean there (if anything). It is what it means in CLL; the difference from {le} takes place within that context "of broda" being replaced for "le" by "of designated items called 'broda'" and "some subset" by "all".
The equation works in simple cases, but it would be useful to separate these out in more complex contexts (see [[jbocre: Logic Language Draft 3.1]]
{ro}: What is accomplished by going against 2500 years of logical (and language) tradition escapes me still, nor is the reason for comlicating matters at the definitional level obvious.
***You choose whether to say "3 broda" or "3/50 broda".
****I have come to agree with this point, at least, when I say oddness of fractional quantifiers on lV and the lack of cardinal ones on lV[jbocre: ')i). I wish you had pointed this out.
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