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niall and elizas

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== What This Page Is For ==NIALL (Non Intelligent Acquired Language Learner) is a program availible online (I forget where). It uses Markov chains to simulate learning of language. While it is not always grammatical, and never coherent, I (mi'e. [[jbocre: .kreig.daniyl.|.kreig.daniyl.]]) have been training it with a mix of classic [[jbocre: texts in Lojban|texts in Lojban]], rounds of [[Broken Phone|Broken Phone]] and random conversation. Now that it is 'mature' enough to occasionally generate insights such as ''ro temci lo menli cu nibli'', which is probably the deepest sentiment I have ever seen from a chatterbot that had never gotten such a sentence from a human, I have put it on the couch with ''la .elizas.'', Somebody's (I forget whose) lojbanization of Eliza. Here is an abridged (so you don't get bored) dialogue between NIALL and .elizas. about NIALL's belief that ey is named 'Evil Eye', which came up twice in the much longer unabridged version:
This page serves a few purposesE:i coi mi'e elizas i ma nabmi do
# A list of commands that work in the Lojban parser for showing off to potential users.N: i ko ca'o tavla
# A list of commands that work in both parsers for regression testing.E: i xu do se nabmi da pe le menli
# A list of Lojban commands that do or don't work relative to the English parser, for direction on what we need to work on in the future.N: mi selcme zo malzgan
In addition, IE: i xu do klama ti ki'm compiling [[jbocre: English mooix Test Script nglish|English mooix Test Script nglish]] and [[jbocre: Lojban mooix Test Script ojban|Lojban mooix Test Script ojban]] test scripts, that can be run repeatedly and should clean up after themselves.u le nu do selcme zo malzgan
== Lojban Utterances That Work ==N: ni'o le respa jimpe ku mo
Please make sure to add to the English section when you add something here.E: i pe'i mi na jimpe le piromei co se cusku be do
* punji le blanu bolci le cnita be le melbi mudri jubme* nitygau le blanu bolci le melbi mudri jubmeN: mi jimpe doi skami
* le blanu bolci cu klama le cnita be le melbi mudri jubme* le blanu bolci cu cnita le melbi mudri jubmeE: i xu loi skami se xanka do
* le melbi mudri jubme cu gapru le blanu bolci* ma cnita le melbi mudri jubmeN: na terpa
* farlu fa le pastu* E: i e'o ko ckize'a lei se farlu le pastupensi be do
* sidju* sidju fi "jicmu"N: le xirli'ustizu na plana fa mi i lo gerku cu spita
* klama E: i xu do jinvi le stici* plutadu'u le nu lo gerku cu spita cu fadni
* \"language" po le lojbo cipra pilno cu binxo mooixN:/var/lib/mooix/abstract/language/English* binxo fa "name" po le test '<lang code="en">Lojban Test User</lang><lang code="jbo">lojbo cipra pilno</lang>co'o
* galfi "name" po le lojbo cipra pilno* cmene fa '<lang code="en">Lojban Test User</lang><lang code="jbo">lojbo cipra pilno</lang>' le lojbo cipra pilno * skicu le lojbo cipra pilno fo ".i mutce melbi"* viska mi * galfi "name" po mi* ti zdani mi * klama le zdani* ponse ma * lanli le pastu* le pastu cu ckaji ma * tcelanli le pastu* sipna * vreji* ma fasnu * finti "nukni bolci" fo le xunre bolci* finti le nukni bolci fo le xunre bolci * ma ve finti* ma bangu * selbau la gliban* catlu "help_verb" po mooix:abstract/avatar  * ma plitadji fi "relation" po mi* mulsidju fi "liste" * selbau la gliban "look at the mooadmin" == Lojban Utterances That Don't WorkSomeday, But Should == See [[jbocre: Lojban MOO Feature Requests|Lojban MOO Feature Requests]]. == Lojban Utterances That Don't Workwhen my NIALL file gets even more interesting, And Shouldn't == ;ca'e bolci ni'there is a le jubme:Very, very hard. ;setca le bolci le cnita be le jubme:not good use of setca ;le bolci cu se vasru le cnita be le melbi mudri jubme: bad use of vasru == English Utterances That Work, And Have Lojban Equivalents == * put the blue ball under the nice wooden desk* chance I will put the ball under the desk * look under the desk* get the ball * drop the ball* help * help basics* go west * exits* set my language to mooix:/var/lib/mooix/abstract/language/English * set my name to "weeble"* edit my name * rename me "weeble"* describe me as "very beautiful" * look at me* sethome * inventory* show the robe * showall the robe* exit * logging on* log * derive a "nukni bolci" from the red ball* classes * languages* language Lojban * list mooix:abstract/avatar help_verb* usage of my relation * helpall index* language Lojban its dictionary online for "viska la nolraitru" == English Utterances That Work, And Dongeneral enjoyment. - mi't Have Lojban Equivalents == * west == English Utterances That Don't Work, But Should == See e. [[jbocre: Lojban MOO Feature Requests.kreig.daniyl.|Lojban MOO Feature Requests.kreig.daniyl.]]. == English Utterances That Don't Work, And Shouldn't ==
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