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A new use for the [[cmavo]] '''voi''', as proposed by [[la selpa'i]]
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==cmavo: voi (NU)==
====Proposed Definition====
Prenex predicate abstraction. x1 is such that the contained bridi holds true of it. Contains a {ke'a} whose antecedent is the x1 of the '''voi'''-abstraction. Allows for many kinds of argument-fronting and mid-sentence prenexes.
====See Also:====
* {zo'u}
:'''lo mumdei ku po'o voi mi penmi lo pampe'o ca ke'a'''
:''Fridays are the only time I meet my loved one.''
:'''ba'e ma voi do klama ke'a'''
:''WHERE IS IT that you are going?'' (wh-fronting)
:'''la .pam. cu melbi gi'e voi so'i da nelci ke'a'''
:''Pam is beautiful and is liked by many.'' (lit. "is such that many like her") (mid-sentence prenex)
:'''la. pit. cu stati gi'e voi so'i da manci lo nu ke'a dansu'''
:''Pete is talented and many are amazed by his dancing'' (mid-sentence prenex with nested pronoun)
:'''mi kecti lo voi ke'a jinvi lo du'u ke'a to'e melbi'''
:''I feel sorry for those who think that they aren't beautiful.''
* '''ko'a voi ke'a broda''' == '''ko'a broda'''
* '''su'o da zo'u da broda''' == '''su'o da voi ke'a broda'''
* '''ko'a voi ko'e broda ''preposition'' ke'a''' == '''ko'e broda ''preposition'' ko'a'''
* '''ko'a goi fo'a broda fo'a''' == '''ko'a voi ke'a broda ke'a'''
The proposed '''voi''' has a wide range of applications, from fluid prenexes to '''jai'''-like argument fronting (but without needing '''fai''') and is helpful when a bridi contains complex scope interactions. It allows one to easily express complex reflexives, and overall increases Lojban's flexibilty at the word order level. As '''voi''' is like a mid-sentence prenex, it also enables the use of quasi-prenexes after bridi-tail connectives (see examples above).
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