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BPFK Section: Formal Morphology

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{{BPFK Section from tiki|BPFK Section: Formal Morphology|4}}[[BPFK Section: PEG Morphology Algorithm]]* [[Informal description of the PEG morphology algorithm]]It is patently obvious to some * [[informal description of us, including several the PEG morphology algorithm/condensed|Another informal description of the more expert lojbanistsmorphology, that a tense for 'again' would, at less tied to the very least, be Really Nice, if not Absolutely Necessary. Here is a list of things that ''will not'' work:PEG rules]]* za'ure'u** The consensus seems to be that this is "more than once", which [[Controversial points in some contexts does the job, but certainly not in all of them.morphology]]***What consensus? "more than once" is ''za'uroi''. I don't see any problem with ''za'ure'u'', which means "other than the first time". --[[UserBPFK Section:xorxes|xorxesThe Problem With comma]] Possible solutions* [[BPFK Section* Something like ji'are'u** This would require creating a ji'aBan on consonant-like cmavo in PA (changing the selma'o of ji'a is right out). It would probably mean "one more than the current value". glide-RobinLeePowell * A member of PA meaning "the current value", call it xa'i'i, so you'd have za'uxa'i'ire'uvowel strings]]** Note that you *cannot* use VUhU before re'u. I have no idea why. -RobinLeePowell ** You seem to be looking for a way of saying "next time" rather than "again". --[[UserBPFK Section:xorxes|xorxescmevla]] * ji'ano'ore'u** Works, is almost comprehensible. Rather ugly, though, and not as many uses as the current value PA. -RobinLeePowell ***Do you mean ''no'oji'are'u''? Indicators always modify the previous word. --[[User:xorxes|xorxesMorphology proposals]]

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