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devanagari orthography

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I'm currently making a graphic that will map Lojban to Devanagari, one-to-one, and I'll add a link here soon.
''A Devanagari orthography has been discussed on the list. See [,], [''
Since] the topic is pretty old there, I think I'll continue the discussion here.
Yes, indeed, the "unwritten vowel" is a schwa, just like Lojban y. However, it would be much more useful in to have it represent Lojban "a" in this orthography. Now, to write a conjuct consonant starting with r that doesn't have an equivalent in an Indic language, the problem is easily solved by "r" sign (like a hook on top) Others aren't so simple.
Whoever was working on this, if you could describe this orthography in terms of the Unicode Devanagari code chart at: [] then a [[yudit|yudit]] keymap can be made very easily, and then pictures can be made even easier. --[[Jay Kominek|Jay Kominek]]
I just assembled a Devanagari Orthography for Lojban, for the consistency of the Devanagari visual appearance, it is provided as PDF file:
And here is a preview:
the corresponding latin Latin is:
'''pu ze'u se djuno lei ze'u renvi gi'e se jijnu ca le temci be le nu le dzena ca jmive vau fa le du'u le bradi be le la tlunranan. ba klama ri'''
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