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Lojban orthographies

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An intentionally inconvenient orthography that divides words based on stress rather than meaning. Not intended as an improvement of the standard orthography, but may be interesting to see how it affects one's ability to read.
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| [[Devanagari orthography]]
पु षेहु से जुनो लेि षेहु रेंवि गिहे से झ़िझ़्नु शा ले तेम्शि बे ले नु ले ज़ेना शा झ़्मिवे वाु फ़ा ले दुहु ले ब्रादि बे ले ला त्लुंरानां. बा क्लामा रि
Preview Picture: [[Media:xinlermorna-preview-V0.2.png]]
(Corresponding Latin: pu ze'u se djuno lei ze'u renvi gi'e se jijnu ca le temci be le nu le dzena ca jmive vau fa le du'u le bradi be le la tlunranan. ba klama ri)
ष is used as z, ज़ is used as dz, others are used as in Hindi
This is represent with xinlermorna as described at [[devanagari_orthography]]
xinlermorna specification - [[Media:xinlermorna-V0.2.pdf]]

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