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CLL 1.2. Technical

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===The document listing proposed changes ===
[[:File:CLL_1.2_for_John_Cowan.odt|CLL 1.2 for John Cowan]] (originally published [ here])
Here is the full text of the proposal passed at the meeting of the Logical Language Group and published at in "LLG Members Meeting 2018" channel:
Veto mode of updating CLL:
Premises: CLL should be updated quickly. Many mistypes were recorded 15 years ago or more. 2.5 years ago we were technically ready to merge them into the text of CLL. But still no updates to CLL
Proposed solution in short: a one-time job with most hard work delegated to Gleki, with minimum possible effort from anyone else. Gleki asks LLG voting members, John W. Cowan, the author of the first edition of CLL, and fluent speakers if a collection of mistypes is okay or not and after getting the feedback compiles a new version of CLL and presents it to LLG for verification and approval.
Proposed solution in detail:
the document contains a list of proposed changes. Text with green background denotes additions to the text, text with red background denotes deletions from the text.
Any voting member of LLG or John W. Cowan, the author of the first edition of CLL, and any fluent speaker of Lojban can veto any of these changes by naming each of vetoed changes individually. In case a fluent speaker vetoes a change this vetoing must be done in Lojban and optionally in English by providing reasons why this change should not be applied. In case a voting member of LLG or John W. Cowan vetoes a change the member or John W. Cowan must provide in English their reasons why this change should not be applied. The replier must be informed beforehand that their replies with their publicly visible IDs, names, nicknames will be publicly logged by LLG for future reference.
Who is "fluent speaker of Lojban"? Any person who can speak grammatically correct Lojban and who can be understood by any LLG member who is a fluent speaker too. Veto mode minimizes possible scenarios when such a fluent speaker disagrees with a change to CLL but some malicious person pretends that he/she/ze/they don't understand that a veto was made. In such cases any other LLG member or fluent speaker can translate the veto or even veto a change themselves instead of that person.
Changes are either vetoed or not. No change to the document is allowed (which means in future new documents may appear for amended changes but for this one-time job the document is final)
LLG waits for 2 months since the adoption of this proposal for any veto votes.
In 2 months in case at least one non-vetoed change is left LLG announces that changes are ready to be merged and delegates Gleki the right to merge exactly non-vetoed changes with exactly the changes provided in the document into CLL version 1.1 thus turning it into CLL version 1.2, and put a duty on Gleki to produce within one month pdf, epub,mobi, html versions of CLL 1.2 and within 6 months to produce (accepting help from Robin Lee Powell if provided) a paper version of CLL 1.2 using either existing LLG account on Amazon or creating a new account but providing the Treasurer and the President with all the credentials to such new Amazon account.
Once Gleki produces a new electronic version of CLL 1.2 he is obliged to immediately present it to LLG for official approval.
LLG approves or rejects the resulting electronic candidate CLL versions.
Approving the paper version of CLL 1.2 is out of the scope of this proposal (should physical copies of CLL 1.2 be sent to all LLG members? Highly unlikely and hasn't been done ever as far as i know)
le ve cusku (means of transferring veto replies): in case of LLG member this chat is okay. In case of fluent Lojban speakers any publicly logged and accessible to any LLG member means of communication is okay. Among those are:
#lojban, #ckule,#jbosnu Freenode IRC channels.
this Framateam Mattermost channel!topic/lojban
any page of
Non-formal procedures: anyone is encouraged to publish this proposal wherever allowed once this proposal passes.
Notice, the proposal passed on June 26, 2019 at 2:38 am UTC therefore the two-month period ends on August 26, 2019 at 2:38 UTC.
===The list of veto votes===
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