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active PRs, problematic or those that must be active
* [[The Dot Side]], [[the Case Against LA]], [[dotside or Not?]]
* rename CMENE to CMEVLA
* Section 2, page 30. For the Lojban phoneme /r/, the IPA symbol for a dental/alveolar voiced apical tap is given with a syllabicity marker below. A tap can't be syllabic, because it is by definition instantaneous. ✔Cowan Just remove that case altogether.
* ch7 15 Section 15, it says "Finally, lujvo involving ``zi'o are also possible, and are fully discussed in Chapter 12", but nowhere does Chapter 12 mention the word {zi'o}, much less lujvo involving it. Remove the reference to ch12
* fix usage of '''rupnu''' in various chapters
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