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==What is Lojban?==
[[Image:yt-evarusar.png|240x134px|'''Beauty in the artifice''': an introduction to Lojban by [ Ewa]|link=|thumb]]
[[Image:yt-lightning talk.png|240x160px|a «lightning talk» introduction to Lojban by Timo Paulssen|link=|thumb]]
Lojban is a carefully constructed spoken language. It has been built for over 50 years by dozens of workers and hundreds of supporters.
*Lojban's grammar is simpler than of most natural languagesbased on simple rules, but complex in and its own unique waylinguistic features are inspired by predicate logic. Lojban <!--There is an experiment in thoughtno distinction between nouns, verbs, and adjectives; rather, as well: its users aim Lojban sentences are held up by ''relations'' (like “… gives … to see how its unique language structures affect thought …”) and understandingthe ''arguments'' satisfying them.-->*Lojban allows the expression of tiny nuances in emotion, using words called [[attitudinals]], which are essentially like spoken emoticons. '''ue''' marks that you're surprised; '''xo'o'' marks that you're being sarcastic.*Lojban allows you to communicate concisely without unnecessary be as vague or undesired detailsdetailed as you like. For example, you don't have to always think of what specifying tense (past, present or future) to use in a verb or number (singular or plural) is optional when itthey's already re clear from context.*Lojban is machine parsable, which allows potential new explorations in so the fields syntactic structure and validity of artificial intelligence a sentence is unambiguous, and machine translationcan be analyzed using computer tools.
<!--*Lojban is unambiguous in syntax. Natural languages often have ambiguous sentences — does "He's left" mean that he's still here or that he's gone? Lojban systematically eliminates this.-->
*Lojban has a live community of speakers expanding its vocabulary day by day.
<!--*Lojban is designed aiming at being neutral between cultures.-->
===Lojban means different things to different people===
* a linguistic curiosity - a test-bed for language experimentation

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