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Lojban timeline

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Loglan prehistory: Condillac's ''langue des calculs''
==== 1676 ====
* May: German philosopher [[Gottfried Leibniz]] proposes a "characteristica universalis", described as an "alphabet of human thought" that would span domains including science and metaphysics, the expressions of which could be evaluated like mathematical formulae.
=== Eighteenth Century ===
==== 1798 ====
* An unfinished work by Étienne Bonnot, abbé de Condillac is published posthumously: ''La langue des calculs'' ("The language of calculus"), wherein the author proposes the design of a language, inspired by algebra, in order to recover the sciences from "the chaos into which the abuses and vices of language" had submerged them.
=== Nineteenth Century ===
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