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experimental rafsi

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* "'''-pom-'''" or "'''-pov-'''" for "{{jvs|po'o}}".
** Selpahi/Tsani proposed "-pov-"; Krtisfranks proposed "-pom-". "-pom-" has a higher chance of combining in a more compact form because "v" cannot be immediately followed by "v" or a voiceless letteral, whereas "m" can be immediately followed by any consonant except "m".
* "'''-coc-'''" for "{{jvs|corci}}".
* "'''-zu'a-'''" for "{{jvs|zucna}}", and "'''-tso-'''" for "{{jvs|dutso}}"; "zn" becomes a permissible initial consonant cluster iff "'''-zna-'''" is assigned as a rafsi to "zucna" as well (or possibly instead of "-zu'a-").

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