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obsolete experimental cmavo

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{{See_also|currently proposed experimental cmavo}}
;'''[[{{cmavo|cau'e|cau'e]]''' [[COI|COI]] vocative: comforting noise made toward infants (suggested by [[Jordan DeLong|Jordan DeLong]])}}
* [[User:And Rosta|And Rosta]] think ''ki'ai'' + some appropriate sound would be more appropriate here, in that it it is a solution that generalizes to other quasi-vocatives.
---- ;'''[[{{cmavo|ci'a|ci'a]]''' [[BAI|BAI]] as written by: ciska modal, 1st place, as written by source}} ''*Why isn't '''cu'u ''' good enough? Isn't '''ciska ''' a type of cusku?'' ---- ;'cusku?''[[fai'i{{cmavo|fai'i]]''' [[|FA|FA]] :Function similar to '''fai'''. [[User:And Rosta|And Rosta]] ----}}
;'''[[jai'i|jai'i]]''' [[SE|SE]] :Function similar to ''jai''. [[User:And Rosta|And Rosta]]
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