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This is an informal list of problems and possible solutions (and the accompanying considerations) compiled on behalf of the Lojban community by lai .krtisfranks. and submitted to the LLG in A.D. 2017.  == Desires:/Goals ==
* Lojban community that does “lots of translations and projects and such”.
* Develop a more active, less random arrangement of independent endeavors.
themselves; having one’s work appreciated will encourage one to produce more and to stay involved.
== Methods:==
* Community round-up ( community-roundup-
january-2017/ )
* Website ideas (a lot of this is from la .timoteios. and la .uakci):
** The website should host only the official or endorsed parts and projects of Lojban.
** Organize projects centrally via a web-based project-management tool.
*** Perhaps: Phabricator (already used for a Lojban Speech Recognition Tool)
*** Useful for proofreading and providing direct feedback with each item.
*** Can be integrated with Git and shared on GitHub. Can host CLL project.
** Lojban’s web presence is confusing. What is official? What is archived? What is redundant? What
is deprecated or obsolete? How can one find material about X / What is supposed to be read? How

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