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Lojban timeline

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2003: "Quine vs Montague, the deathmatch" (jboske)
* 15 May 2003 - Original deadline for completion of cmavo definitions per 2002 baseline statement. To date (2014), the definitions have not been deemed as completed.
* June 15, 2003 - [ Annual meeting of LLG]. The [[Official Baseline Statement (2002/2003)|Baseline Statement]], as drafted by the Board and ratified by the community, is adopted as LLG policy. After fourteen years, lojbab steps down as LLG president. John Cowan, elected by the Board of Directors, becomes president. Nora also resigns her position as secretary/treasurer, and is succeeded by Robin Lee Powell. The Board also appoints Robin as Webmaster. Bob remains on the Board to satisfy requirements of the State of Virginia. LLG membership grows to peak of 36 members.
* 11 August, 2003 - Nick Nicholas posts "Quine vs Montague, the deathmatch" to [[jboske]], declaring that he counts the [[extensional]] interpretation of [[gadri]] as a cornerstone of the definition of lojban and a non-negotiable "axiom".
* September 2003 - [[User:Robin Lee Powell|Robin Lee Powell]] installs tiki wiki, replacing phpwiki and phpBB
* 2 September 2003 - John Cowan registers "jbo" as ISO 639 alpha-3 code, deprecating "art-lojban".
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