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Lojban timeline

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2002: link jboske
* 15 August 2002 - [ lojbanic livejournal] community is founded.
* September 2002 - [ Official LLG Projects] and [ Committees] web pages posted.
* October 2002 - Discussion heats up on [[jboske ]] ("lojbanology") mailing list, peaking in December. Much of the discussion concerned practical problems that turned up in translation and chat. Some discussion threads will eventually contribute to the definition of xorlo and the formation of BPFK (baupla fuzykamni – the committee responsible for a language plan) to amend CLL to remove doubts or uncertainties, to fill gaps and, if need be, to alter bits to deal better with perceived problems.
* 21 October 2002 - The [ Lojban FAQ] was updated and moved and revamped and such, mostly by [ Dalton Graham].
* 1 November 2002 - Release of a lojban version of the "[[Colossal Cave]]" text adventure game, "nuntalyli'u" on the Inform platform.
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