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Lojban timeline

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==== 1973 ====
* [[Richard Montague]]'s ''The Proper Treatment of Quantification in Ordinary English'' (PTQ) is postthumously published. PTQ builds on papers published in 1970 to provide a formalization of English semantics using a [[possible worlds semantics|possible-worlds]] [[model theory|model-theoretic]] approach which builds on the work of [[Alfred Tarski|Tarski]] and [[Saul Kripke|Kripke]]. A notable passage from PTQ describes the ambiguity of "John seeks a unicorn" as consisting of a ''de dicto'' ("nonreferential") and ''de re'' ("referential") reading. This would be raised twenty years later in discussions of ''[[sisku]]'' and [[opacity]] on the lojban mailing list, and also popularize the philosophical sport of "[[unicorn|unicorn hunting]]".
==== 1975 ====
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