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ISO-generated fu'ivla for scripts

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Extra Rule
==== Extra Rule ====
Once we select an introducer, then we should forbid the creation of any brivla which consists of or contains that introducer(s) followed by (concatenated with) anything other than a string which does not contain a consonant cluster within that substring's first four lerfu, unless the brivla is a zi'evla or lujvo which is explicitly and (in a reasonable way) semantically derived from a fu'ivla produced by this algorithm (and, in the case of lujvo, the valsi produced by this algorithm should be a veljvo and it or a mutation of it should be acting as a rafsi). rafsi are allowed if used appropriately. For example: Suppose that we choose "cilfa-" to be the introducer string. Then we outlaw the creation of any brivla which begins with or contains the substring "cilfaX<sub>1</sub>X<sub>2</sub>X<sub>3</sub>X<sub>4</sub>", where X<sub>i</sub> is any Lojban lerfu (not counting .y'y, which is optionally included with the selection of any vowel), unless X<sub>j</sub> and X<sub>(j+1)</sub> are both consonants (where j is an integer such that 0<j<4) or the resulting word in total is a derivative of a word generated by this algorithm. This might interfere with the creation of unrelated lujvo (such as "cilfau"). I suppose that we would have to exempt out non-zi'evla-veljvo lujvo.
Similar rules should be implemented for the other ISO-generated fu'ivla.

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