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ISO-generated fu'ivla for scripts

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#2: Capitalization
If anyone can provide more information, please do so here.
'''UPDATE:''' According to expert and registrar by the ISO 15924 Registration Authority, Michael Everson, the casing does ''NOT'' matter. For more information check [ the content of this link]. Any mention of casing throughout the rest of this article should be ignored; the algorithm which converts ISO 15924 (Alpha) codes to Lojban fu'ivla or back will not take casing into account; all letters in the ISO 15924 Alpha code will bijectively map to the same (phonotactic-context-dependent) string of lerfu (either 'Cu', 'Ce', 'V', or 'hV') in the Lojban fu'ivla, regardless of the casing with which they are conventionally given/displayed in indices or registration files. So, for example, "Zmth", "zmth", "zMth", "ZMTH", etc. will all map to "zumutuxe", regardless of which letters in the ISO code name/string are capital and which are lowercase; meanwhile, each of those ISO code names/strings shall be considered equivalent and "zumutuxe" shall map back to them all.
=== #3: Introducer Selection ===

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