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== Why Lojban? ==
This section contains various texts in English. They address the question "Why Lojban?" from many viewpoints.
* [ Top 7 Reasons to Learn Lojban]: by Daniel Piccirillo
* [ Lojban and Esperanto]: JL discussions including comments from Donald Harlow and Lojban's 'Answer' to the '16 Rules'.
* [ Lojban's relevance to linguistics and linguistics research].
* [ Lojban and machine translation] by Patrick Juola.
* [ Lojban and other planned languages] by Todd Moody.
* [ 1991 Reply] by John Cowan to Arnold Zwicky's 1969 "Language" Review of Loglan 1.
* [ General discussion on 'Why Lojban?'], extracted from ju'i lobypli, includes JCB on Sapir Whorf. Many contributors.

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