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.i tavla fi la lojban ri/en

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<languages/>This page is intended to contain information facilitating talking about Lojban in Lojban, as well as perhaps some other introductory reference material I've found useful.. It's likely hopelessly amateurish as I'm (selylacbes) currently a Lojbanist-in-training, but we'll see how it comes along.
'"Qual é a palavra que significa What is the word for '''x''' em Lojban?"'/ '"Qual é a palavra para '''x''' em in Lojban?"' - .i ma valsi zoi gy '''x''' gy la lojban
'"What does '''x''' (in lojban) mean in English?"' - .i lu '''x''' li'u valsi ma la gliban (for a phrase), .i zo '''x''' valsi ma la gliban (for a word)

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